Friday, 21 February 2014

When all is Quiet, Shit is going DOWN.

Yesterday I was relaxing on the couch enjoying a new series called “Devious Maids” when all goes incredibly quiet, and I’m wondering what the girls are up to.

I called them and Kaylin comes peeping around the corner to reveal the word “Hello!” written on her forehead with permanent marker, a very trendy mustache and a tattoo on her forearm.   


I called Meg (my older and supposedly more responsible one) and she came giggling around the corner thinking it was very funny.  I did think it was funny, but how funny is it if the game is totally one-sided, right?

I said “Ok, fair is fair – let's finish your game”.  

 I made Megan sit down and told Kaylin to go and fetch her permanent marker so that she could return the favour and sprinkle her 7 year old art all over her big sisters face.  

Megan was still giggling, obviously thinking that I wouldn’t go through with it.  I made her sit down in the chair and let Kaylin write what she wanted to on her forehead, let her draw a lovely mustache on her oldest sister and a forearm tattoo to match.

Meg was NOT impressed!

She kept wanting to run and squirm away, but I kept saying “its only fair that Kaylin gets to draw just as nicely on your face”.

When Kaylin was finished and turned Megan’s chair around so that I could see what she’d written, I nearly wet myself with laughter.  Kaylin had written the word “BUM!” on her forehead, drawn her a lovely bikers handle bar mustache and the forearm tattoo was the drawing of a bum.   I guess she wanted to write something offensive...well, as offensive as a 7 year old can get without getting into trouble.

Yip, Megan was mortified and couldn’t wait to go scrub it off.  I told her she had to remain in her seat until her sister had tried to scrub her face-art off.  It was only fair that Megan wait the same amount of time as Kaylin had to, right?  

Am I a cruel mum or what?

Megan scrubbed her forehead red-raw with the nail brush trying to get the ink off before school today.

Lesson learned? 

I think so.

Devious Lassies.


Jo said...

Good lesson but I am so glad I don't have kids to plague the life out of me.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That was a smart thing to do, mom! She'll know better next time.

Andrew Leon said...

That's awesome!
I have often threatened my kids with writing "DORK" on their heads when they do something that deserves it.

Louisa said...

My pink terrorist often colours herself in as a zebra using those markers. Micro fibre cloth and some warm water gets that right know, if you feel like helping. ;-)

Chrissy Starr said...

You're an evil and brilliant Mum!

Michelle Jordaan said...

Love this!


Bailey Schneider said...

HAHAHAHA!! Brilliant

The Glebe Blog said...

If you write chump and look in the mirror, it's still chump. (Joined up writing of course)

J.Day said...

LOL That's some funny shizz. I definitely think the older sibling learned her lesson. And kudos to you for sticking to your guns on making sure the game wasn't one sided! :)

cat said...

A fair mom that thinks on her feet. Well done


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