Monday, 3 February 2014

Monday Music Rocks My Face Off

Happy Monday everyone!

Its a wet day here in Johannesburg and the e-tolls go-slows on the highway are in full swing.  Anyone who planned to get to the office early today....sorry for you!

Today I'm gonna feature a bunch of awesome South African bands so head on over to Xmas Dolly for these week's Monday Music Moves Me Freebie, link up and share your Toonz.

Listen up...

Gangs of Ballet

Zebra and Giraffe

Seven Side Story




Flash Republic

have a kick arse day!


Cathy Kennedy said...

It goes without saying, these are ALL new-to-me. My faves picks of these are Underneath, Gangs of Ballet, and I Feel Good Today. I jotted down the groups so I can check out more music by these. Thanks for the music education and hitting the dance floor with us on Monday's Music Moves Me!

Belle Haup said...

Thank you so much for this exposure to South African music. I loved your selections, especially the Black Byrds. I also love your blog picture. Too cute. I'm so glad you're here!

Happy Monday!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That girl in the last video looks a little like you.

Naila Moon said...

Coming over here today is rock overload! HOT STUFF!
I have not heard any of these but got me going for sure!
Rock on girlfriend!

Marie Moody said...

Girl, you are so rockin' the house today. These are all new for me so I guess they haven't made it to the USA yet maybe huh? That Muzart is really different, but I like them. Kind of Jazzy, but sort of hip-hop. hmmm Flash Republic definitely rocks. Blackbyrd is sort of same o same o you know what I mean, but cool enough! Great tunes Luvie! YOU SO ROCK! Thanks for joinin' us! We're waiting on a winter storm tomorrow about 6 to 8 inches to add to the six we already have. OH FUN..... NOT!!!!

Colette S said...

This is very good to hear other music from the cultures.
Thank you.

It's wet here too and dreary on the day.


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