Friday, 31 January 2014

I just had a Shoegasm


Happy Friday, Plonkers.  Welcome back to Friday's Shoegasm.

Holy Shizzle, it's been a long and busy week at work.  I need a week's holiday at a Spa with a gigantic bottomless Strawberry Daiquiri or and endless box of Four Cousins Wine!  

Bring it on, Bitches!

Now, for the month of February, I will be taking to Instagram for a DailyPhoto challenge with @fatmumslim #FMSphotoaday

Join me sharing a picture a day for a month on the topics below.  

I is gonna get creative!

Here is something to cheer you and get you ready for a party weekend.  Pretty shoes!

Awesome with Jeans

So Glam!

Great for the office - So girlie

Tartan is always a winner in my eyes

These Mafia Shoes just caught my eye.  Fun, right?

Add a little bit of sex to your outfit with these heels

These remind me of Pamela Anderson, but I still like them

 Have a kick arse weekend, Plonkers


JanM ♥ said...

I love the nude with the little bow and the lacey one :)


G-Man said...

Oooops Jillie Bean,
I see you squirted a bit on your Shoegasm shoes...Love it.
Thanks for stopping by....G

(almost forgot...Fuck You)

Have a Kick Ass Week-End yourself

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

How many boxes does it take to be considered endless?

Marie Moody said...

Whoa, Thanks for stopping by to say Hi... me too! HI Plonker! hehehe Luvin' the shoes SIGH... I sure wish I could wear those again.. now let's see my favorite pair is so glam & great for the office I think. hehee Do you ever look at my collection of shoes I do just for you on my Pinterest? I know you love shoes so.... there ya go! Have a great weekend, and I hope I hear ya on Monday it's a Freebie theme! :) HELLO To your wee plonkers too! :)

Wendy Loubser said...

Okay - so keep the ones with the teeth (ick) but just pop the rest in a box and I'll be over in a minute to haul them on home!

Sassy style


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