Sunday, 19 January 2014

11 000 feet at 200kph

Megan and Riaan's first skydiving experience with Johannesburg Skydiving Club. 

My Dive #2 and it was AWESOME!  There are very few words to describe this experience....

The day was perfect 33 deg C weather and not a cloud in the sky. We got suited up and briefed and it was a short walk to the aircraft.  A ten to fifteen minute aircraft ride to get up to 11 000ft was soopa hot, so hot they eventually opened the door a little to get a breeze through.  I was first to go, then Riaan and Meg was saved for last.

An approximate 40 second free fall through the clouds at 200kph, parachute opens and then a 10 minute gentle float to the ground with lots of spiraling left and right, with the best view you have EVER seen.  You can see for miles.  It its completely breathtaking and utterly silent!

As soon as our feet touched the ground, both Megan and I yelled the same thing "I WANNA GO AGAIN".  Riaan said he would probably never do it again.  My Boerewors suffers from motion sickness and I guess this was a little too extreme for him.  He says he's not sorry he experience it, but that its NOT for him.

The anticipation smiles, suited up and ready to head out to the plane
Megan outside the plane
Megan in the plane getting ready to jump
Megan with her legs dangling out at 11 000ft, ready to GO!
Upside down at 11 000ft, 200kph freefall. Total Adrenaline Rush.
Megan giving the cam the thumbs up.  Look at that view!
Megan and Chris Grosch
Megan couldn't stop grinning
Riaan 11 000ft Freefalling at 200kph
Riaan flying adjacent the aircraft. 
Face and smiles AFTER the dive!
Enjoying the adrenaline
Steering the parachute.  Spiraling through the sky.  That view!
Free Fall Grins
We did it


Ami said...

Glad you survived the experience. :) Unforgettable birthday for your daughter for sure!! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think I would feel the same as Riaan!
But glad you went as a family and enjoyed it. Some cool photos. I guess the guys have a special camera or just one strapped to their hands?

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Way to go! I couldn't do it. I have a thing for heights. Not a good thing. :P

Andrew Leon said...

I've never been able to decide if that's something I would want to try or not.

louisa123 said...

Fantastic photos! What a gift!

Wendy Loubser said...

I'd so love to skydive and bunjee but I'm afraid of heights! Well done!!

Lovely Light said...

That's amazing! Great family bonding time.


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