Saturday, 18 January 2014

Happy 11th Birthday, Megan

It's my daughter, Megan's birthday today. 

Happy Birthday my wee button,.

A while ago, I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday this year as she's getting a bit too old for a sugar-high party-at-the-house with a bouncy castle and water slide.  I gave her a few options.  Either, a big party with all her friends, a small intimate dinner with a couple of her friends, or to go skydiving.

Guess which one she chose?

You guessed it, we're going skydiving.

She is soopa excited and so am I.  Actually, all of us are going (except Kaylin) extreme sports is definitely not her thing.  

Meg's had a fat lip ever since I went skydiving with my BFF last year for her 50th birthday.  Megan cried when I got on the plane to go, because she wanted to go with me.  At the time, I couldn't afford to pay for both of us to do it.  Now almost a year later, I get to gift her one of her dreams.  I couldn't be more stoked for her.

What better birthday gift than an experience she'll NEVER forget, right?

Will post pix soon.

Here's the poem I wrote in her birthday card:

Today's your birthday and you're turning eleven
Lets do it together and dive from the heavens
Jumping out of a plane at 200 kilometers per hour
From 12 000 feet high, feel the airstream power.

I hope it will be something you'll never forget
Just don't let your knickers get wet!
No one loves you more than I love you
My wee button, My Meggie-Poo.


Ami said...


I hope it's a wonderful experience for both of you!!!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter!

tigger said...

Lovely post Lass! Happy birthday Megan. Enjoy sky diving...I think I'm too scared but a bucket list item nevertheless ;) xx

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You are an awesome mother. She's going to have a great birthday and one she'll never forget!

Jo said...

Wonderful birthday present. Hope she enjoys it as much as she thinks she will.


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