Sunday, 26 January 2014

Indian Theme Dinner

So, this month was our turn to host our theme dinner. 

This month's theme was India.

Our Day in Pictures

Starters was crispy spinach and onion bhajias (chili bites)

Main meal was either Prawn Korma Curry or Chicken Curry with Aloo Gobi Saag and basmati rice

And for dessert I made coconut ladoo balls and juicy mango shirkhand / aumrakhand

Our Menu

Table Decorations

Mandy, Percy, Riaan aka Fatima, Dr Raj with Pregnant Priya

Dr Raj Maharaj

The food

The girls

Aloo Gobi Saag

Spinach and Onion Bhajias (chili bites)

Coconut Ladoo Dessert Balls

My Plate of food

Mandy and Percy

Mango Dessert

Prawn Curry

The Girls


Destiny said...

omg that looks like so much fun and amazing!

missed your blog hooker! I'm back!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You really went all out! Food looks awesome.

Bailey Schneider said...

FUN!!! Looks so yummy too

cat said...

Gosh this looks yummy!


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