Wednesday, 18 June 2014

39 Again!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Happy birthday early!
I got you a set of Ninjas. Can't see them? Well, they are Ninjas after all...

Bailey Schneider said...

Ooooh exciting!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow

Pearson Report said...

Happy Birthday, dear Lass…

I can give you this - a wish.

Tomorrow when I talk to the Universe (like I do every morning) I will mention that I have given you a wish - the Universe (which is a personal friend of mine) will make it come true.

Yes, I have that kind of power! Awesome, aren't I!

Seriously, have a very Happy Day!

Ami said...

Happy Birthday to you!!
39 is a good age. I was 39 once. A long ass time ago.

my babies have birthdays this month... Lyssa turned 21 on the 18th and Matt will be 27 on the 22nd.

Time just zips along, doesn't it?


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