Saturday, 23 May 2015

30 Things We Ask Ourselves While Running

So I nicked this from a fellow runner and blogger Scartlett Wonderland.  It's so true, I say most of these things when I'm running.  It made me laugh.

  1. Right, let’s do this. 
  2. Look at me, I am a runner. Watch me run, world. I am the frikken cheetah of humans. 
  3. Shite, this is hard. 
  4. Remind me why am I doing this? 
  5. I don’t even like running. 
  6. What shall I eat when I get home? 
  7. Everything. 
  8. It's only 1 hour outta your entire day!
  9. OK, this is a good song. Come on, Foo Fighters, motivate the fuck out of me. 
  10. I am smashing this run. 
  11. Maybe I should run a marathon. 
  12. I could run a marathon. 
  13. Oh crap, I’m dying 
  14. I can't breathe!
  15. Is this what a stroke feels like?
  16. Maybe I should stop, I might actually be dying. 
  17. I wish I’d worn a cuter top if they’re going to find me dead 
  18. I wonder what I look like. 
  19. Urgh. I am so sweaty... I’m going to need to wash my hair after this. 
  20. Or I could just wash my fringe.
  21. Fuck it I’ll just wash my fringe. 
  22. How good is dry-shampoo though? 
  23. If I turn here I could loop back home. 
  24. No, willpower, I can do this. 
  25. Focus, focus, focus. 
  26. You’re right, Britney, I have gotta werk, Bitch
  27. I can’t werk anymore. I need to stop. I nearly did it, there’s no shame in giving up now. 
  28. No come on, I can do it. 
  29. No I can’t. I really, really can’t. 
  30. I did it. I am amazing. I am THOR. 
Let’s go again.


Andrew Leon said...

I start at 5 and skip straight to 30.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

IF I were running the only thoughts in my mind would be either:

1. Good Lord, don't let it/them catch me! Help! Save me!


2. Lord, help me to reach them in time! Help them! Save them!

Life & Faith in Caneyhead.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

#22 Dry shampoo is okay for a day or two.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Oh goodness, I have those thoughts while on a slow walk. You go girl!


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