Friday, 3 July 2009

Weekend Plans

Well I am planning to cheer my Boerewors up this weekend as he started his new job on Wednesday and is desparately unhappy. He knows now he's made a grave mistake and was almost in tears last night talking to me about it. I could see the regret in his face, I could see the disappointment in his eyes. I really feel for him.

I think we've all made the same mistake at some point in our lives. We all taken a crappy job not listening to the little voice of doubt peeping inside your head like a reversing truck. We still plunge ahead and look positively into the unknown - just to find out you've been whacked on the back of the head with a plank. And it HURTS! Its a horrid feeling (not the getting whacked on the back of the head) but the thoughts of "geezo WTF was I thinking?!?!". You start questioning your judgement and playing different scenarios through in your head. You start playing "Tough Love" with yourself and Tut to yourself, shake your head over and over and lower your eyes feeling shame and sadness. I just wish I could make it all betta for him...

Tomorrow I'm going to the Imperial Russian Ballet at the Civic Theatre with my sister. Yes, my sister who had her baby this time last week! She said she's feeling up to it and can't wait to get out a little. Because she's had a c-section, she can't drive so I'll be playing the role of chaueffeur, which I don't mind at all. It means I have my sister to enjoy the ballet with me!!! I don't have to go one my own. I just wish I could take my Mum too.

On Sunday I'm hoping to jam on top volume some Guitar Hero World Tour and see if I can beat the battle to complete the second part of Hard Level. I'm just hoping the girls give me a couple of hours to enjoy the game before they start whining and crying and tearing the house down...Perhaps someone can "gooi" me a Platinum Membership so I can play GHWT on-line. How awesome would that be??

Will share some Ballet pix next week.

2 comments: said...

Wow, I am impressed that you went to the ballet. Was it good? I would also love going to a ballet again, have not been for so long. I actually heard that Pippy Long stockings is showing, and if my kids were just a bit olders, I would have taken them, but Rachel cannot sit still so I will need to wait a bit till she's older. Jesse would do fine... I hope you manage to cheer up your boerewors. Maybe, once he gets into it, will things turn out better than what he thinks... hang in there.

Martinette said...

Hi Gillian, how do you get it right to put down a nem of a show and then it has it's url attached... like you did with Imperial Russian Ballet? Sorry I am still learning a lot. Take care


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