Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Jacuzzi and Pool Fun

Beautiful KK

Megan on her elephant in the pool

Megan in the Jacuzzi Bubbles

KK jacuzzi bubbles

Riaan's colleagues from work came over for a lamb on a spit (barbeque)
It was a lovely day by the pool








The lamb on the spit braai

Jacuzzi Fun

Then it was time for Abie to get his arse whipped by Megan (my six year old) on Guitar Hero 5 on Medium.  He kept saying she was cheating.  How the fek do you cheat at Guitar Hero???


Brian Miller said...

nice. a little cool here for the pool but that jacuzzi looks fun...dont know why mom never let us put bubbles in though...

Marcelle said...

Nothing better than Summer and South Africa...I'm so wanting to go home..sooooo wanting....

blueviolet said...

Everyone looks SO happy!! There sure were a lot of bubbles in the jacuzzi.

Sally-Jane said...

i want a jacuzzi!!!

snogirllygoeskeyboardhappy said...

I am with Brian, I thought bubbles killed a jacuzzi................but I want BUBBLES :)

KK said...

What fun. I hate winter!

Gillian said...

Bubbles don't do anything to the jacuzzi. we drain the jacuzzi everytime we use it.

lettice said...

I love that your kids wear Spiderman and Ben 10!

Gillian said...

My girls are such tomboys


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