Monday, 23 November 2015

The Light Bulb went on and there was Music

Happy Monday, Plonkers.

Pinterest and I were visiting over the weekend, and I found some cool ideas for Teacher's Gifts for my kids.  The one I want to use is a screw-in light bulb with M & M's inside and a wee note that says "Thanx for helping to make my future bright".  I think its adorable, but I have a dilemma....

How the fek do I get the middle mechanism out of the bulb and open the back of the light bulb to get the sweeties inside?  

So, I went on The Google this morning to ask the question and find out what to do. Seems it's quite involved and is a 10 Step Process and it could be dangerous if I break some of those teeny weeny glass bits inside.  

Look, I don't think the teacher will be breaking the glass in case of emergency and eating the M & M's, but you never know.  I really don't want him to get glass shards stuck in his throat and bleed out and choke to death.  You know he has been instrumental in my child's education and development.  I'd rather avoid a bloody manslaughter case on my CV thank you very much.

So, any ideas how I can remove my finger prints from a light bulb and write on a piece of cardboard without leaving any traces of DNA?

Today is also Music Monday over at Xmas Dolly and I'm sharing some of my new playlist toons for your pleasure.  Enjoy xxx



I kinda slipped this one in for Megan who is learning to beatbox from YouTube and its pretty good. Nothing like these guys but she'll appreciate this one.


Naila Moon said...

Good to see you and your music picks are fab!
Skip the light bulb and just give the teacher the whole bag! LOL

Kammi said...

if you have any friends over in the US of A, you can always ask them to post these to you!
(I am sure you will find similar ones on .... so if you have some mates in Europ??
its an adorable idea!

stevebethere said...

I enjoyed these good choices :-)

Have a tunetastical week :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Muse is cool.
Yeah, you don't want the teachers chowing down on glass shards.

Stacy Uncorked said...

I've seen those lightbulb 'containers' at a craft store... I can't remember which one, probably Michael's or Hobby Lobby or places like that...also they're on Amazon (in bundles of 10, though) here:

That'll save your fingers and keep your DNA intact. ;)

Great song choices! Thanks for the dance - have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Thank You Thank You Blessed and Thankful for the Thanksgiving Song

Marie Moody said...

Wow, Nick Jonas is doing fantastic on his own. Love the beat! And that cute little boy like an angel with Santa will find you! Love it. YOU'VE ROCKED THE HOUSE WITH THE REST! WOO HOO THANKS FOR PLAYING ALONG WITH US AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOURS! HUGS

Andrew Leon said...

Even if the teacher doesn't break the glass, there's poisonous stuff inside of bulbs.

Joyce Lansky said...

Great picks. Thanks for sharing.

cat said...

That lightbulb idea sounds way too involved for me!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Hey kiddo - you doing AtoZ this year? That is where I first found you. Hope so, we need a Daft Scots Lass keeping us in line!


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