Sunday, 27 September 2009

Cannon and Ball

Wish I could find this 80's film starring Cannon and Ball (brilliant slapstick comedians).  Apparently it is on DVD now.  It wasn't a great film but dead funny. 

I just LOVED Bobby Ball...


Vinay Rai said...

Some things are just worth remembering.

Gillian said...

Good memories...

Technogran said...

We have a guy who is one of the stewards on a train that we often go on and he is the spitting image of Bobby Ball, in fact we all call him Bobby despite the fact that isn't his name.

Big Fat Git said...

Hi Gillian,

I just came across your post on the net.

It came up in my email because of your post about Cannon and Ball.

I am actually a friend of Bobby's and I run a couple of websites for him and help him out now and again with his Facebook.

You can indeed get Boys In Blue on DVD now, it's great to watch it back after all these years.

We have a great circle of fans/friends online, please feel free to join us.

My name is Andrea, you can find my Facebook at, you can find Bob's at - My website is - there are loads of clips of their old stuff on there and we have just launched a social network specifically for C & B fans at You would be very welcome to join us at any of those places :)


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