Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Under the Weather

Feeling grotty all started yesterday when I had a fever at work. Someone mentioned how rosey and shiney my cheeks were which made me realise I really didn't feel too great. Got in bed early last night after being VERY grumpy with everyone. I took a Med Lemon and a Compral and slept on and off all night.
Today I have a runny nose, dull sinus headache with bachache and so sleepy. I came to work nevertheless - not to get a Noddy Badge, but I know when I'm away no one else does my work so it just piles up. No sense being at home either...Riaan is also not feeling well so he stayed at home.
Will take it easy today and perhaps head home early...

1 comment:

Laura said...

This flu is the WORST! Been hanging around our home for ages now :(

Feel better!


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