Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Home Affairs Suck!

I got to the Home Affairs Department at 7:30am this morning (when they officially open) to collect Megan's unabridged birth certificate.

I was happy to find out that I was first in the queque at the Collections Counter and the woman behind the counter with her elaborate extensions, fake nails and eye-lashes took my receipt slip to find the certificate.  She plugged my reference number into the computer and disappeared. 

The other people that queued behind me were getting served and promptly receiving their new passports and ID documents and I was left standing there.  My feet aching and the stench of body odour was sickening.

After twenty minutes, I asked what was happening and she said "the preenter, she's not wekking, we aah weiting for the techneeshen to come".  I was gob-smacked!  I asked if they only had one printer in the entire Alberton Home Affairs Department to print these things.

She nodded at me.  I then asked her when the Technician would arrive and she shrugged her shoulders : "Not shor".  Did she actually expect me to wait until a Technician arrived to fixed their antiquated sole dot-matrix printer?  Nort!

I asked her for my receipt back so I could come back another day when their printer would be working otherwise I would've probably still been waiting there...


Markoel said...

My wife and I applied for police clearence on the same day about 12 weeks ago. They take 8 weeks to be issued. I collected my wifes on 8 weeks, and mine is still not ready. The way over qualified clerk recognises me now and twice a week the conversation goes like this:
Me: I am here for.....Interupted by clerk.
Clerk: Oooh eeeyes, Im remember. Sprry they not go to Pretoria last week.
Me: Can you please give me a number to call in Pretoria, and I will go and collect it myself.
Clerk: No sorry, you call me on Friday and I will see if she is ready.

And So on and So on

Mick said...

I must say although it took a while,when I collected Claire's unabridged it was very painless. Other than them not wanting to accept my Passport as I.D. (a british one) although I am the father! I thought they were printed elsewhere, mine, well Claires was in an envelope with her name on. If you are having trouble, the person waiting for Police Clearance, it might be worth speaking to one of the leaches in the queue for people.....they have inside contacts! Learned that last week when someone in front of me was having trouble, she took their papers and sms'd someone and came back and said it will be there by Friday.


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