Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Birthday Party

Kaylin was invited to a friend's birthday party at a local indoor party venue. 

Killian had a Ben 10 4th birthday party and everyone enjoyed the cake and Ben 10 party bags filled with toys and sweets.

Killian on his Birthday Throne

nNathan tuck ing into his Party Bag
I let Megan phone a friend to take with to the venue because she wasn't actually invited to the birthday party.
Megan chose Wade who has just returned from Australia after a 6 month sabatical with his mum and dad.

They were so excited to see one another again. 
Wade talked non stop and Megan was happy to see an old friend.

Here they are waiting their turn to slide.

Kaylin, Alyssa and Nathan 

Kaylin on one of the rides

Megan and Wade shoving each other to be the centre of the lens

Wade amongst the balls

Megan and her beloved Pickles


Marcelle said...

Blogland is filled with parties at the moment...everyone having fun time.

otin said...

It is so easy being a kid:)

Kate said...

Aw such cute pics - makes me nostalgic

natural girl said...

Cute kids!! Your such a cool mum taking them out for a party.

cat said...

We had a party filled weekend too! Looks like lekker fun!


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