Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My First Hate Comment

You'd excpect that I would have had my first negative comment by now! 

I mean, I have been blogging for over two years, have made nearly 1200 posts, watched my followers grow from nothing to nearly 90 and have moderated countless comments.


I expected to be more upset over my first "hate" comment.  I was told that my blog was "boring", I was told that I was "a fake".  I was told that I have "no original voice".  You would expect these things to hurt, right? 


I wouldn't say I don't care, because then I wouldn't be blogging about it - but it didn't cut me to the bone.   You know, it didn't make me want to crumble and cry in a heap of tears, it didn't make me feel insecure about my wee blog either.   Read it - or don't.  Your fucking choice...

It made me want to blog about it. 

I wanted to let my vicious Hater know this:  Isn't it ironic that you couldn't post your comment with your name and profile attached?  You took the coward's way out and posted annonomously.  What a fucking cop out!  Plonker!  Oh, I suppose you don't want to compromise your own readers and followers - but its still the easy way out. 

It would still be interesting to know who detests me so much.  A family member? A so-called friend? A colleague?

Och well, this cocksmoking Hater actually took the time to think about what to type and leave a comment. 

He or she used up a fair amount of energry telling me how "fucking useless and terrible" I am. 

So listen up, at least I am worthy of someone spending a little time to make me aware of my "patheticness".

I hope I never end up like that.  I hope I don't end up so bitter and cowardly that I smack someone behind the head with a wet fish and then run.

May millions of infuriated nits infest your putrid armpits and crotch until eternity and back.

Have a Nice Day.
Bye-bye Now...


Sanjay Maharaj said...

Hi Gillian
Just ignore these "hate" comments as you cannot pelase everyone everytime. As long as you are writing what comes from the heart and as long as you know that what you are writing is valid and are your true opinions, do not worry about anythign else. So keep on blogging about what you blog about.

Mandy said...

People like that are not worth wasting your energy on. For someone to make comments like that about someone else, obviously have an inferior complex and lack something themselves in their life. Maybe they have no friends or no love in their life, they lack something. Or maybe they think they Gods Gift to who knows what, and they are perfect in everyway. Well sorry to burst your bubble anonymous, you are not perfect, no one is. where do you get off saying things like that to other people, perhaps you need to sweep in front of your own door first......so are you going to reveal yourself or remain a coward

KK said...

Wow, haters crack me up and give me reasons to blog too. Clearly they are taking time to read and comment which negates their comment. Stupid weirdos! I love your blog by the way :)

Marcelle said...

Why read your blog if they dont like it, makes no sense and why leave a horrible comment, we all doing what we love and we all have readers following us who enjoy what we write about...so...just plain nasty to me - what enjoyment does that hater get from leaving you a comment like that, I know that that hater will get it back 1000x more in other areas's in their lives...so sit back and dont worry, karma has a way of sorting things out without us having to do a thing.

Anonymous said...

I would take you comment off......you although not hiding your identity are lowering yourself to their level (the gutter) just suffice to say if they don't like it feel free to F**k off and get their cheap thrills from aattacking a good person somewhere else. Keep up the good work......the rest of us enjoy it!

MICK said...

Hi It is Mick I put that comment up Anonymously on purpose.....the previous one not the HATER..for fun...keep up the good work.

Laura said...

Ah man! Its not nice.

Apart from my ex who posted countless attacks I received one negative comment - some random dude told me I was fat and then proceeded to have an email fight with me about it! LOL it was amusing more than anything else :)

But it does leave a bad taste cos a blog is someone sacred to the person who "owns" it and to have someone leave a black mark - its never nice!

LOL but in true blogger style - they just provide us with more blog fodder :)

Brian Miller said...

i got a hate ecard from a blogger yesterday. one of the benefits of putting you email on the profile. funny though, it tracked right back to them. all because i did not visit their blog this weekend. sad.

Nocturnal Queen said...

Wow. I wonder why that person felt the need to comment on a blog they hate? That makes no sense to me. Some people.

cat said...

Oh gosh girl, someone seriously had way too much time in their pittyful little lives to post something like that. Who the heck do they think they actually are?

I love you and I love to read your blog and k@K man, if they do not wan to read it, just don't.

Love and light and lots of love to you girl.

Dutch donut girl said...

What the hell? This person really needs to grow a brain. Not because he/she doesn't like you (so to speak) but because he or she is acting like an anonymous 'jealous diva/divo'. Sigh, the internet often brings out the worst in people because they feel comfortable saying things that they would never say to your face.

"May millions of infuriated nits infest your putrid armpits and crotch until eternity and back."
HA! Well, at least, the nasty comment didn't affect your funny bone :)

Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty,LLC said...

Same old BS...someone is just envious of you! I love you girl...and your blog!

colsev said...

Good grief Gill I am shocked and very pleased now that i have added a moderation option to my comments - that is awful that someone can be so mean.

Kim Ayres said...

Anonymous commenters - they get their thrill from provoking a reaction. Personally I just delete them. Pretty soon they realise they are using more time and energy to write their bile than I am pressing the delete button and they wander off. If I launch an attack on them, they've won - it's precisely what they wanted. You get kids who set up competitions among themselves to see who can outrage the most bloggers.

It's not actually personal - you don't count to them and the angrier you get the funnier they think it is. They get higher points the more expletives the blogger uses in reply.

However, a few years ago I was involved in an online cartoon strip where one of the contributors came up with a strip about anonymous comments. You can find it here and might find it funny. However, if you find it tasteless and offensive, just delete this comment :)

Fay's Too said...

I'm with you, Girl. Grimm forbid we sink to the level of the partial-brained, mouth-breathing, scum-liking critics out there!

Blasé said...

Yeah! You tell 'em, Girlfriend!!!

erika said...

I second Kim's comment. It's all about provoking a reaction and not a reflection on you or your blog. Just delete and ignore.

angel said...

Clearly my blog must be exceptionally boring as I don't think I've ever had a comment like that!
And they're always anonymous.

Brenda said...

Argh! Trolls are pathetic creatures. And they need professional help IMO. Anyway it's their issue not yours. You and your blog are awesome!

ps. I've deactivated anonymous commenting on my blog. If they can't man up, then STFU. Just saying.; )

Janie said...

I agree with Kim above ...there are some really f*cked-up pathetic individuals out there in cyberland who genuinely DO go around inciting the reactions of others by posting OTT negative comments 0 it happens on YouTube all the time - so....squash this latest ''amonymous'' amoeba by squelching it thru your toes!

I dig your blog...you HAVE a life filled with real-live children , family and friends ...we ALL relate to it .

BLOG ON SIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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