Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Buy a Tee and Plant a Tree

A fellow blogger shared this link to a website that sells Inspirational T-shirts.  The website is called Tees for Change and  I love them - just wish I could purchase a few but I'm sure they won't ship to South Africa from the States.

If you're looking for a quick and guaranteed way to lift your mood and express yourself, visit their website and buy a Tee. You will LAUGH, DREAM, HOPE, LOVE and LAUGH OFTEN when you wear our eco-friendly inspirational t-shirts.

And when you buy a tee, they'll plant a tree - it's their way of helping you look good, feel good and do good, all at the same time.

Go get one!


Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty,LLC said...

Love these Tees! It is so cool when someone can make a living doing what they love and making a difference! Thanks for sharing.

Being Brazen said...

Thanks for t-shirt website link :)

andreea said...

Hi Gillian,
Thanks for blogging about our tees! We can definitely ship to South Africa for $15.

Becca said...

Thanks so much for showing me these shirts! I love the positive message that they send. They are great... I hope that they have plus sizes!


Shayne said...

These are gorgeous - but pricey if you add in the postage.

I love the two displayed.

Sanjay Maharaj said...

A great concept and a way to make a difference to our environment. I love companies who make this kind of committment

otin said...

Very cool! I wrote a story for you, I just need to type it up!

SM said...

pretty cool site!! I love inspirational stuff!

KK said...

Aw, those are cute.


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