Sunday, 24 January 2010

Fiona and Ronel

You'll be glad to know that I took Megan The Glen Shopping Centre today and she shopped at Toys R Us with her birthday money.

She finally decided on a SOS Station with three Police vehicles and a garage with a roller doors on either side.  It even has a CB / walkie-talkie that she can talk into. 

She's been Alpha, Bravo, Charlie-ing all afternoon.  Thanx again for sharing her birthday with us.

Roger that?

Over and out.

Kaylin, Pinkie, Megan and wee Pickles

Kaylin, Megan and Pickles


Marcelle said...

A little Tom Boy you have there!!!

Such cute sure you loving them in your life.
I miss my kids when they were little and I had *control* over them...LOL

Blasé said...

OH, those are just too Cute!

otin said...

Alpha, Bravo, Charley LMAO!! very cute

Dutch donut girl said...

She's my kind of girl. I liked my barbies but I loved my toy vehicles.

Gillian said...

Barbies don't really feature in our home.

Brian Miller said...

great pics! and great pick by her...i imagine lots of fun to be had!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Your girls are adorable! My favorite toy when I was their age was a purple Jeep. I wish I still had it.

I'm missed you so much. I'm sorry I've been a bad bloggy friend lately.


angel said...

Are the police cars Fords?


Laura said...

I love taking kids shopping with their money and letting them choose whatver they want!

It really is so cool to watch them!

cat said...

Cute - so she loves cars I see.


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