Saturday, 27 February 2010

Happy Fourth Birthday KK!!

You’re four today

Dynamite in a tiny package

You look like an angel

You fooled us all.

You are stubborn as a mule

Your tantrums make our ears bleed.

You terrorise our poor cat, Pickles

And pour shampoo into your shoes

You love Hannah Montana

Cupcakes and all things pink

I love you no matter what

My little tiny girl-monster

How we eat our birthday cake!

Kaylin with her Birthday Crown


Christine Macdonald said...

Hip, hip..... HOORAY!

What a beautiful poem and video.

Brian Miller said...

yay! happy birthday!

Tanja said...

Happy birthday big girl!!!

Nocturnal Queen said...

Happy Birthday, Kaylin!

Blasé said...

She didn't catch her hair on fire. COOL!

Poor Prinkles.

janie said...

Happy Birthday Kaylin , love from Janie xxxxxxx....four ?!! WOW . Have a wonderful day with your Mum & Dad & sister...they love you VERY much !!

roughterrain crane said...

Happy birthday!

Matty said...

HIP HIP HOORAY! She looks so HAPPY! What a doll.

Happy Birthday Kaylin!

phd in yogurtry said...

For a monster, she sure is adorable! Happy Birthday, Kaylin.

P.S. Have been lately fascinated by the Mary Queen of Scots history. Plan to watch the movie tonight and read more about her (and the other Mary) soon.

P.P.S. Am here thanks to Fragrant Liar. She says hello!

Michele said...

Loved the video, and the poem.

Happy Birthday KK!!1

Bernie said...

Happy Birthday Kaylin....:-) Hugs

Dutch donut girl said...

Happy Birthday Kaylin!!!
Yum, birthday cake..

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kaylin. You look like an angel!

Big birthday hugs for everyone!

Belinda said...

Just so you know, I'm now a trillionaire in Zim, so here's my trillion-dollars-worth... Lovely poem Gilz, and lovelier video, wass just waiting for Kaylin's hair to catch alot, but thankfully not... phew!

AmyLK said...

Happy Birthday!

Mama Cass Lotus said...

Oh my GOD, your girls are soo cute!

Gillian said...

Kaylin hates me to tie her hair up. It never even occured to me that her hair could possibly catch fire. I'm such a bad mother...when I got the two comments about it, I had to watch the vid again and then I giggled. How did I miss that?


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