Friday, 26 February 2010

Freaky Friday - Episode 13 Sir Lick-a-Lot

No Theme today...just general Freak Fuckers!

Anorexic Teletubbies with a Proctologist?

Who Told this bloke that Blue Suede shoes would got with this outfit? 
It sooo clashes with that orange vest, doll!

Thorn amongst the roses 
(with clipboard, ginger beard and backpack)

WTF?  He's got better legs than she has!

Super Fairy Geek?

Can I nibble on your cheese?  
or do you want to be the cat and you can chase me?

Write your own caption for this one...

Has Knife, Will Stab (guess who? yip The Daft Scots Lass)

A Mexican  MacDonalds...


Even on oxygen this old geezer has fucking attitude!

Sir Lick-a-lot


Kim Ayres said...

You do go to some strange parties...

cat said...

Oh that first one shouts Gay Party!

Brian Miller said... sure know how to fine

Jessie said...

wow ... ummmm... yeah....

lol lol

a great way to end a Friday work day!

warm smiles,

KK said...

That old man is hysterical!


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