Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Blog Challenge - Your First Memory

What is your earliest Memory?

One of my earliest memories is camping with my family up in the Scottish Highlands and it was always so frikken cold and windy there.  We all went for a family walk up the rolling hills and we came across an old farm tractor.  Janie, my older sister ran ahead of me to sit in the driver's seat.  I was little so I obviously couldn't run as fast.  I threw a tantrum because Janie was hogging the tractor seat and steering wheel.  I must've been about 2 years old.  I eventually got my turn in the drivers seat and turning the steering wheel.  Later in the day, karma came to bite me and I fell face first into a fresh Highland Coo Patty (aka Cow Shite).


After that, I remember clearly being in the Bellfield (Scotland) post office standing in the queue and asking my  mum "Mum, How Old Are You?".  My mum replied "I'm 34".  So I must've been about 4 years old.  I remember the dark little cramped post office like it was yesterday, the people, the mumbling of people's chatter, the smells, the Royal Mail posters on the walls, the warmth of holding my mum's hand.  She had long strawberry blonde hair then and I thought she looked so pretty that day!


Jessie said...

lovely childhood memories. i don't have any particular one, my memories are more like snippets, and postcards from CO. i think i was about four at the time.

warm smiles,

SM said...

One of my earliest memories is waiting by the doorstep, everyday at 3pm for my mom to come down from the hill from work. I must have been 3 years old and she always came the same way. My grandma told me often how I would just know when it was time for her to come home ;)

cat said...

Oh this one is cool. Great memories.

Christiejolu said...

Those are awesome memories. My first memory is, I was sitting on the floor in the kitchen, there was a dog behind a baby gate. I was sticking my fingers in the gate and laughing because the dog was licking my fingers. My Grandmother was yelling at my Mom that the dog would bite me. I was two. I only know how old I was because my Mom said the dog in my memory passed away when I was 2. She recently showed me a photo she found of the dog and sure enough it was the dog in my memory!

otin said...

One of my first memories was getting pulled over by the police with my father for digging up small trees that were on state land. We were going to plant them in our yard.

Bernie said...

How lovely that you can remember that far back, honestly my first memory only goes back to when I was around 5...I think.
........:-) Hugs

Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty,LLC said...

My earliest memory is of laying on the couch with curlers in my hair waiting for my dad to come and pick me up. My parents were divorced for a while but then got remarried.

Hey I sent you a message on EB did you get it? Check out
my little one's first blog post.
She wrote it and asked if she could post it. I helped her clean it up a bit and she is so excited! It would make her day if you left a comment! That's funny, now I am begging for comments for my kid's blog post. Am I sad or what?

KK said...

I can remember going to day care and my mom working in the room across the hall.

Laura said...

Oh lol at falling into the cow patty :) I wouldnt forget that either!

janie said...

do you also remember that the PO doubled up as the butchery ???!!! i LOVED the corned beef from there !
i remember the tractor like it was yesterday. but i DONT remember you being cross with me ....

Ami said...

Cowflop in the face.


It's funny the things we remember, isn't it?


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