Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Conversations with Megan

We were sitting on the couch watching Greys and a scene came on with Kaylee smooching her girlfirend.  I quickly changed the channel but Megan piped up:

Megan : Mum, when two girls kiss it means they're gay.

Me *shocked* :  Yes my girl, everyone likes different things.

Megan :  And when two boys kiss that means they're also gay.

Me :  Yes Megan.

Megan :  Can I have some juice?

Me : Sure my girl.

Standing in the kitchen pouring her some juice, I was wondering what to make of this. She was so casual about her comment that I didn't want to take that away from her.  She felt so comfortable to chat to me about these things without blinking an eye.  I must be doing something right.  Right?


Anonymous said...

yes :-)

KingCole said...

Ha ha, Layla once told me that when two men love each other they are gay and when two women love each other they are Lebanese... :) (No offence to any Lebanese people!)

cat said...

Oh you are so doing it right! Good on you. I have decided that Greys is most certainly not kids viewing (after the episode of the burned guy that cried all the time - my princess was so upset). So now, they are either in bed or I record and watch later.

Belinda said...

Of course you're doing something right! It's awesome when our kids can talk to us about anything and not feel shy to do it :-) As long as we're always honest when they ask their questions... none of this 'the stork brought your baby brother crap...'

Marcelle said...

Yes, she has to grow up knowing being GAY is okay, that we are all not the same..

I have a friend who said to her son who is 2, he was standing looking out of the window and the garden services were seeing to the garden outside...
* Close the curtains, the monkey's are outside, we dont want the monkey's seeing what's in our house *
I WAS SHOCKED AND ANNOYED, didnt say anything besides, * Do you know one day your child will be inviting those monkey's as you call them to his birthday party's as he will be going to school with them*

Azzazin said...

Yay! :)
Off course you're doing something right. Kids don't just shape themselves into cute little open-minded people on their own!

Dutch donut girl said...

Yes :)

Thank you for your kind words on my last blog post.

Sausage Fingers said...

You are a few years ahead of me in the weens department, but I feel the questions coming. Well done on the answers the only way to be is fair and honest

KK said...

Definitely doing something right!


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