Thursday, 15 April 2010

Megan Got Her First Love Letter!

Megan was quite chuffed to show me her first love letter from a boy at school. Megan is in Grade 1 remember.  Sean gave this to her the other day just after they had two weeks Easter Break holiday.

How cute is that?


Marcelle said...

How darn cute is that and the shape of a heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jessgiggles said...

That is too cute! Now just remember to keep this safe so you can tease her about this at her 21st one day! :P

Brian Miller said...

too cute. i remember going to lunch last year and catchin my son getting kindergarten. oh my.

Matty said...

Young love is grand. Save that for a scrapbook.

KK said...

Oh that's adorable!


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