Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday Update

Happy Friday, Pretty Plonkers. 

I seem to be spending more and more time on Twitter and Instagram and I know I'm neglecting my blog and my writing. I haven't written anything decent for months! 

I wish I could get out of my rut and write something good. 

I am even contemplating stopping blogging until I can blog properly again.

So, here's a bit of an update.

I am now officially on holiday from today for an entire month! Pretty damn fucking awesome if you ask me.  We had our work closing breakfast this morning at Moonrakers to say farewell to our work colleagues until the new year. The food and conversation was great, although the service was incredibly slow.

So last week, we had a busy one.  

It was my 14th wedding anniversary and I got my favourite perfume and my girls made me my favourite - tea in bed.  What more could a lass ask for?

Last week, my nephew, Dylan, was in a local singing talent competition and was the only boy to reach the finals (all the others were lassies).  He was gutted when he didn't win, but all the family went along to cheer him on and watch him sing Elvis' "All Shook Up".  He's a huge Bruno Mars fan but thought it would be a better choice singing Elvis when he found out all the judges were old farts. 

We also had our local CPF (Brackenhurst Community Policy Forum) year end braai at Jackson Dam.  Lots of fun in the sun and I got burnt to a crisp!  I have a very sexy flip flop tan to go along with my yoga pants tan.  I really have to sort that fucking shit out this holiday.  My legs resemble Cat In the Hat's hat.

We've put all our Christmas tree lights up and I'm convinced you can see us from fekking outer space.  It even tripped all the power the other night, but it looks incredibly festive and I'm dead chuffed. Christmas is my favourite holiday and it looks beautiful (even if Rudolf looks like a Fox).  What does the Fox say?
Tomorrow is my Boerewors' 40th birthday and because he didn't want a party, or to celebrate, we are going to a friend's 21st birthday party instead.  I have "cake for breakfast" planned and some nice prezzies for him.  Will share pix soon enough...

We have a new puppy in our family.  I have introduced her on Instagram and Twitter but not officially on my blog.  

She is a wee soft-natured Jack Russel and her name is Abby.  A friend for Penny and Emma.  They love her to bits.  Another wee playmate for them.

We went to Meg and KK's school Carols By Candlelight and it was a lovely night.  The choir and the musicians were well-rehearsed and I burnt my leg with candle wax at least half a dozen times.  Next year we're going to Carols By GlowStix.  I can't bear all the injuries.

Kaylin's face is almost completely healed after her high-speed face plant with a plastic chair. We had a HUGE scare that she'd broke her nose but it was just loads of soft tissue damage and tons of bruising and swelling.  My poor wee peanut looks like an alien for a while but its amazing how quickly kids heal and how resilient they are.  Bouncing Back is so much easier when you're only 7.

From this

and this

to this

On Monday, we are getting together with sister at her place for an early Christmas lunch.  I know it's over a week early, but it will be the last time that we can all be together with our six kids.  Lots of festive jollifications planned;  Christmas hats, plenty presents, Michael Bubl√© and Christmas crackers.

Have a weekend filled with love, laughter and awesomeness.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a lot to catch up on!
Enjoy your Christmas break.
Congratulations to your nephew. Glad you guys were there to cheer him on.
New pup is cute.
And if we can see your house from space then you must be the Griswolds.

Lovely Light said...

Sounds like you have some fun times already! Enjoy your month long break!

Andrew Leon said...

That dog is SO cute.
I think I had other things to say, but the dog made me forget.

Oh, and I'm glad your daughter is healing up.

Scarlett Wonderland said...

Ohh her poor little face!! Abby is so cute, I want to squeeze her xx

The Glebe Blog said...

Why did my computer crash while trying to comment on your post. Well I'm not writing all that again.
Regarding Elvis, good on your nephew for doing him. I was thirteen when we were 'All Shook up' by his singing and I wanted to go to Memphis to see him, well I got there 57 years later.
Hope you had a great birthday party for the man.
A wee soft-natured Jack Russell, now that is a rare animal.
Kaylin, yes they are resilient at that age...reminds me of Lynn, my second eldest, must have been nine or ten when she had to have a double hernia operation. I can still see her hobbling around the hospital like a little old lady.


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