Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas Everyone

Happy Christmas Pretty Plonkers

We went to visit the gorgeous Lombardi Lion Cubs yesterday - on Christmas Eve - at Thaba Ya Batswana and it was an awesome experience. I didn't want to leave them!



Andrew Leon said...

I have a normal sized cat and know what he's like, so I'm not sure how I'd feel about playing with lions.
But they are cute.

Merry Christmas!

Jo said...

Bet you won't be doing that in a couple of years.

Happy Christmas Lass, to you and your lovely family.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That would've been a neat experience!

Marie Moody said...

Oh yes, Merry Christmas my dearest friend! One of my Christmas wishes was to some day meet some of my dear dear friends that I blog with and you are at the top of my list of course. What wonderful family pictures, and look at all the cool things you're learning to do with your camera. I guess I'm just not that smart to figure that kind of stuff out. Well, maybe one day. Today is our Christmas with my side of the family. The kids are descending upon us, and I'm making Lasagna & yes with a vlog. Part I & II. I've been doing recipes on Friday for a while. I sure wish you could teach me all that neat camera stuff that you do! Now I've done part I so many in part II I might grab a couple of words of yours. I totally LOVE your accent, and the different words. Okay, so what's a Plonker? hehehe MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ami said...

Awesome! And great to have photos of the whole experience, too. Making memories is my favorite way to spend an afternoon. :)

Joyce Lansky said...

Adorable photos. I hope you have a wonderful new year.


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