Monday, 9 December 2013

Monday Music Jingles

Well, our Christmas decorations and lights are up and they look great!  We even have a flashing Rudolf.  And by that I mean our Rudolf has flashing lights...not...nevermind.

For the entire month of December, Xmas Dolly's Monday Music Moves Me theme is Christmas Songs, of course, but as usual I'm breaking the rules, because #1, thats how I roll and #2, I want to showcase someone.

His name is Dave Cad, he's been a YouTube vlogger for a good few years and I've been following him for as long as I can remember.  Way back before he was a famous and very popular YouTuber.  He's an incredibly talented bloke, with many hidden talents and a brilliant sense of humour.  He constantly under-estimates himself and could use another couple of thousand followers.  Go check him oot, oh yeah, Dave's on Twitter too.

Some sweet sounds from the boys from Libera

Time for some Christmas Swag?


And of course some Christmassy Jack and Meg White


Going old School


YeamieWaffles said...

I never knew that the White Stripes did anything Christmassy, this is so cool Lass!

stevebethere said...

Good mix I do like McFly my fave was Let It Snow :-)

Have a seasonaltastic week ;-)

Cathy Kennedy said...

Thanks for the intro to Dave Cad. I will check out his other youtube videos. He's quite good on the guitar and he's not a bad singer. Ahhh, these young boys from Liberia are amazing - so beautiful! Christmas Swag and Candy Cane Children are definitely new-to-me and I bet they will be to many others. Nothin' like a little musical education to get you grooving', eh? But, ooooh, blue eyes sure can sing. Many folks here in the US have been under snow clouds for days now. Here in the south east, we are simply under rain clouds, but if the temperatures were just right then heavens we would be buried under the white stuff. Thanks for dancing with the Monday's Music Moves Me, crew, dearie!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've always been partial to Bog and Doug's Twelve Days of Christmas...

Jo said...

Watched Libera's Christmas concert from Ireland last night. Also have one of their DVDs. Matt especially enjoys it as he was a top boy chorister in the UK as a youngster.

Mike Golch said...

Hands down if I had to pick just one tune it would be Let it Snow by the Great Frank Sinatra!

Lynn Blaylock said...

Dave is pretty good. I'd never heard him before. I think you stayed within the rules. It's all mostly Christmasy. Happy Monday!

Naila Moon said...

I like that guys voice. I will go find him on YouTube and follow.

It seems we all have the snow on our minds today.

Thanks for playing along today!

Danielle Royalegacy said...

Just loved your festive music for this week. The boys of Libera, they have such sweet voices. O Holy Night was my MILs favorite. She used to sing opera, and this was her favorite Christmas song. My goodness, when she sang this, it was so beautiful. I miss that dear sweet woman.

Have a sweet week!

cyn knight said...

i ♥ christmas music -- the best part of putting the tree up every year!

DogsMom said...

Thanks for sharing Dave Cad.
He has a very pleasant voice (and can hold a tune!) I would like to hear more from him.
Again you have introduced me to new ideas and music I am unfamiliar with! I like to think I am open to giving new things a try.
Quite diverse selections you share this week!

Colette S said...

Thanks for the introductions.
And also for the music.

Very nice decor!

Aloha :)

Rory Bore said...

DaveCad has a nice sound.
That boys choir sounds just beautiful. LOVE ole blue eyes singing Let it Snow.
great selections - love the mix.

Marie Moody said...

YOUR SHOWCASE is surely a bit different, but cool. I must admit it. Love your Christmas picks too Sweetie HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours. Those little boys hitting those high notes were too cool! And hahahaha Old Blue Eyes! You go girl! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Phil Holtberg said...

I am still not ready for Christmad yet! No lights or decorations up. Need to go shopping. Guess I'll hit a pub first!

Happy Holidays!


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