Friday, 24 September 2010

Water Babies

Kaylin got in the boat but sat firmly on Mum's lap the entire time.
The Tea Cups were the Best but it was hard work trying to stay inside.
Tea Cup FAIL!
Mandy and Gillian in Flight!
Kaylin did get in the Tea Cup but only when she was firmly on land
Megan and My Boerewors take to the sky...I mean water
Megan The Dare Devil

Today we spent some time at home in the garden as it was a beautiful summer's day.  The girls wanted to run through the sprinkler.

Megan and Kaylin playing in the sprinkler in our front garden
Kaylin getting wet
Kaylin getting up close and personal while Meg watches
Megan gets close
My Precious Wee Lassies


Blasé said...

You and Megan are braver than I am. Glad y'all had fun and nobody got hurt.

Copyboy said...

Dang! You have a gorgeous looking lawn. Definitely kicks the $#@ out of my studio. Nice tubing pics as well!

Brian Miller said...

oh these look like a lot of fun!!

Andrew said...

Such a lovely family you are a part of!

W.C.Camp said...

Cute kids. The sprinklers look inviting! That is a very pretty gate and driveway! W.C.C.


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