Friday, 9 August 2013

❤ Shoegasms for Women's Day ❤

Happy Friday, Pretty Plonkers!

It's wet and raining in Johannesburg today and I'm off to take my best friend to celebrate Women's Day at Thaba Ya Batswana. Fancy Lunch, guest speakers, fashion show with Victoria Line and Mebala Couture and entertainment by Lira and Muzart.  

Should be fun to have some VERY MUCH needed "ME TIME" with my BFF.  Happy Women's Day to all the beautiful ladies, mothers, daughters and sisters.

Been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately and found some amazing heels.

I adore the heel

Great Style

Yellow Flats with Bow

Red Vintage Style Flats

Cherries and Bows make any heels dead cute

Love Skulls and the laces

Iron Fist Cupcake Heels with Bows (Yeah I know I've featured these babies before)
Minion Shoes

1 comment:

YeamieWaffles said...

I really like the Minion shoes in specific but these are all amazing Lass, really like all of these, I never thought a few years ago that I'd proudly say anywhere I get regular shoegasms!


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