Monday, 26 August 2013

The Tea Bag Challenge

Firstly, Happy Monday, Plonkers...


Last week I jumped the gun, and did Monday Music Moves Me theme "In my Playlist", which should've been this week's theme.  I always seem to fuck up.  Go Link up with my gal Xmas Dolly

So, I guess I'll just have to post some more of my favourite tunes for you to listen to...oh, yeah and watch my vlog on losing a bet and having to eat a tea bag... 


Jack is ALWAYS on my playlist



This is NOT on my playlist but I stumbled across it and thought I'd share it.


 Steve Tyler may have one of the biggest set of chappers evar, but he can SAAAANG


 Ronnie Shellist - the best blues harmonica players on YouTube


 Don't forget to enter  Caption my Photo Competition.  It ain't over until the fat lady sings.


stevebethere said...

Well you did have me larfin then and i did feel for you eating that simply because Tetley extra strong tastes so much nicer ;-)

Anyway your music washed it down nicely for me afterwards and stopped me wretching LOL

Have a plonkertastic tea bag free week :-)

Cathy Kennedy said...

You are absolutely crazy! lol I would NEVER make a bet with anyone because I'm that much of a chicken. I could not carry out my end, if I loose. You're so brave and you did it all for the whole world to see.

Loved listening to your playlist of songs. Thanks for dancing with us on Monday's Music Moves Me, my friend!

Marie Moody said...

Well, I made this comment, and I can't seem to find it so if you do see a duplicate delete the other. Guess it's all these drugs I'm doin. Anyway Girl what the hell? Where's this tea business where are they I got your back honey NO MORE EATING TEA FOR YOU OR I'LL SMACK EM' WITH MY CANE. Now have to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH cuz this attendant at the rehab place was a cocky little bastard & I sure put him in his place & it was all because of you that I got an applause and a standing ovation too, cuz he was so mean and pushy to these older woman that I told him to quit and shouldn't be talkin to them like that & he goes and you're going to do something about it? I stood up with my cane & said, "Listen here budd I have heels bigger than his dick now fuck off! WELL HE STARTED IT!!! But the whole room applauded it and I'm sure my face was as read as a beet, so you need to put that picture back up. I made it famous! hahahahahahahahaha And it was all because of you my friend that gave me the balls to say it! :) Luv your face off girl and those wee lasses too! And tell that man of yours he better be extra specially nice to you or he's gonna have me to deal with. DON'T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE!!! Oh did you see my Vlog. Think I might be making another today here in a bit, So getting to long here love love love all your rockin' tunes my friend I totally love Aerosmith. and the dude with the harp totally ROCKS. Wish we had him in our band for sure,HUGS & MANY SMOOCHES & MORE HUGS!!!!

YeamieWaffles said...

You HAD to know that this would make my day Lass, well my night now, LA Woman easily makes my list of my favourite all time songs although like seven of that list are probably Doors songs so that's not difficult, it's just absolutely beautiful, especially in the break with the "if they say I never loved you, you know they are all liars line," just beautiful. Sorry you lost that bet haha, that's some incredible stake!

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Eek. I will have to check out the tea bag video. I'm curious.

Colette S said...

You just have such fun, but then, thats the way to live right :)

Very interesting list and of course my fave is Pink is my new obsession :) haha.

Have a good week.

Pamela M. Kramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Whoa! You are a brave woman. Great song choices, thanks for sharing. :)

Jo said...

Did it HAVE to be a dry teabag. You could have made tea with it, not in the bag, and then drunk it all tea leaves as well.

Naila Moon said...

That boy can rock that harmonica! Awesome!!!

Dolly's comment to you humored me!

Rock on girlfriend!


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