Thursday, 12 September 2013


So I was asked to review TheSnugg, which they claim is a "robust, case, cover and stand for my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1".

Here's what I think:

The first thing I noticed when I opened TheSnugg, was the smell.  That brand new PU Leather smell. It’s an awesome nostril filler. The same one you get when you slide into a brand new car with leather seats.  Yeah.... it's right up there with petrol and vanilla, Plonkers!  

I love the funky stitching and logo, which is incredibly modern and stylish.  Shaawiiiiing!

I was soopa excited that TheSnugg comes in my favourite colour, which is ORANGE. There are hardly any orange tablet or phone accessories out there that come in orange.  Check out there other funky colours!   

Delivery was swift and prompt and was generously packaged.  Some companies often skimp on packaging and then the product often gets damaged in transit.

The Snugg has 2 upright positions.  
One is a stand-up presentation mode and the other one is a lower view, which is perfect for using in the kitchen for reading your recipes.

The Snugg is soopa slim and is compact enough to fit in your notebook bag or, in my case, my handbag  [Only because my fucking handbag is the size of a small country!]

What I was really impressed with was the wide, stable hand strap that allows you to hold the device and frees up your other hand to quickly and accurately navigate the tablet. Perfect for playing games or being the Instagram Whore that I am, scroll through and love all those gorgeous photos.

The Snugg cover allows you to plug in and charge your table without having to remove it from the cover.  And another cool features is when you close the cover, it switches of the tablet.

One thing I did notice, was that the cover needs to be closed in order to remove the stylus.  So you have to stop what you're doing, close the cover, remove stylus, open up again before returning to what you were doing.

TheSnugg is really just that. Snugg.  Your tablet does not slide around inside the cover, like some other covers.  So you can be certain that your precious tablet its save, snug and secure.  The really strong magnet keep it tightly shut when you’re not using it too.  Durable and sturdy enough for even the kids to abuse and lob around! 

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Some of the cases for tablets are becoming as complex as the tablets themselves. Having to close it to remove the stylus is annoying but they'll probably change that.

YeamieWaffles said...

This sounds pretty cool to me Lass, glad you've made good use out of it.


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