Sunday, 29 September 2013

Guys and Dolls

Happy Monday, Plonkers

This week's Monday Music Moves Me's theme over a Xmas Dolly is Guys and Dolls.  Share you songs that have Man, Boy, Girl, Woman in the title.

Here are mine.

No 4Ms would be complete without Jack White.

Frank Sinatra

The Yardbirds

Lightnin Hopkins

and the lovely Billy Holiday

And Bruno

Have a great Monday and be sure to pop in tomorrow to Caption my Photo Competition.


YeamieWaffles said...

I really like Billy Holiday Lass, all of these are good though, that Baby Please Don't Go song is really different, I kind of dig it! Your music taste Lass, it is damn badass!

Scarlett Wonderland said...

Nothing like a bit of Frank to brighten up my monday morning! x

Cathy Kennedy said...

Frank Sinatra has such classy vocals! I love the sound of the older music, but you pulled things to present day with a good one from Bruno Mars. It's nice dancing with you on Monday's Music Moves Me!

stevebethere said...

Nice choices love Billie Holiday and Sinatra tracks :-)

Have a movietastic week ;-)

Pat Hatt said...

Great picks, heard them all this time

Lynn Blaylock said...

I got confused somewhere and thought this week was a freebie. I really needed to here these awesome songs. After I got through with my post I had depressed for the pick-me-up. Happy Monday!

Rory Bore said...

Great selections!
And I for one love that you include Jack White! :)

Did you hear him introduced as "Francis" Sinatra! got a kick out of that.
Ahhh, Billy Holliday - gonna stay on that one for awhile.
(I had this theme all ready to go too, but then realized everyone else was doing Freebie - so I had to switch my post. but no matter - I've enjoyed all these immensely!)

Danielle Royalegacy said...

Love the Frankie singing Luck Be a Lady. He had such a suave voice. Loved dancing to the beat of all of your songs today.

Have a sweet week!

Naila Moon said...

I always like some Frankie baby. He was the deal. Your picks of course are great.

One thing though, you are a week ahead of yourself. This is a freebie week. lol

Dance on though!
~Naila Moon

Karen Lange said...

Thanks so much for sharing these. Good way to start the week! :)

Colette S said...

Thanks for sharing your tunes and rocking with us today.

Have a musical week :)

Marie Moody said...

OMG I went back to see why you put up this theme, and you were right I'm wrong. I didn't change it because today is really FREEBIE theme, and next week is what you got today! Guess you'll have to find more bwahahahahahahahahaha only kiddin' You got some smooth choices here & you don't get none better than ol' blue eyes and Mars that's for sure! Who loves ya baby! Tell your friends to come join us if you like!

Marie Moody said...

S.O.B. Stole my freakin' comment. I guess I wasn't signed in. My computer decided to take a crap on me & only work when it wants too, so now I;m on my laptop. I went to see why you were doing this theme, and MY FAULT.,, MY BAD!!! This theme is for next week & today is a Freebie day. Sorry, gonna have to go find more! ~heheheheh~ I have faith in ya. You'll do it. Who luvs ya baby! Luv a little bit of ol' blue eyes and who doesn't love Bruno Mars! Oh and naturally those dudes you always play are really rockin' it! way ta go girlfriend.


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