Monday, 9 September 2013

Monday Music Moves Me

Jack White has been spending time in court dealing with his family drama lately, but he took a trip out to Mexico City last week to make a surprise appearance at the Fermatta Music Academy’s 20th anniversary celebration. White was named an honorary dean at the event.
“The sense of being a musician is making art, and I do not care whether it is solo or as part of a collective project,” White told the crowd of over 150 students and reporters. “At all times, I seek to express myself, and different circumstances of my life could also become multiple creative and stylistic channels.”
In addition to receiving the title of honorary dean, White was also presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony, where he was introduced by singer-songwriter Elan. 

This is the first time the academy has awarded the title to a musician.

This week's Monday Music Moves Me theme over at Xmas Dolly is 70's music.

Here are some 70's classics


one of my favourite seventies toonz


Sam said...

I know absolutely nothing about 70's music so this was a great education! Stopping by to wish you a great and inspired week ahead. I am grateful for your fashion insight on my last post :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Going old school today!

Lynn said...

OMG..about the only time I watch video's is when I play along with the 4M's but I had heard "I'm shaking." when I started watching it I was thinking that is so "Soul Train"...I the funk on. All the rest where good 70 tunes, too. I was a little surprise to see Lynn Anderson in the really do like her. I'm an old country fan. Thanks for sharing these have a Happy Monday!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Those crazy bell bottom jeans from the 70s are wild. When I look back at old photos of myself wearing those things I cringe. Great blast from the past with your classic 70s selections. Thanks for hitting the dance floor with the 4M crew!

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

You have great taste in music.

Arlee Bird said...

I'm not overly familiar with Jack White's work, but I do have the CD he produced for Loretta Lynn--that's a good one.

"Spirit in the Sky" is a favorite of mine in the ones you feature here.

Tossing It Out

stevebethere said...

Some there i haven't heard in years especially Jeans on

I like your choices i will have them all in going round my head now heheh!

Have a tanfastic week

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I don't know much about 70's music either so I was sitting in the front room with my mom at the time of writing my 4Ms post so I asked her for a 70's song recommendation. LOL

I did recognize some of your picks though and I must say great choices! I enjoyed listening to some new tunes as well as jammin' out to the ones I know ^.^

Have a musical week!

YeamieWaffles said...

Black Betty really got me rocking Lass, what an absolute undisputed classic, really loved this post.

Colette S said...

What an honor!
Thanks for sharing all these. I have probably heard some before but nice refresher!

Amiko Pieris said...

great choice! Have a great week!

Naila Moon said...

Oh girl, you are totally rockin' the 70's music today. I love every single one of them.

I especially liked Spirit In The Sky.

Thanks for playing along.

Rory Bore said...

Love how you crossed different genres -- and still managed to pick a favourite of mine in each one!

Jack White though. yes!

Marie Moody said...

Oh Mommy you are so rockin' the house today & new ones to add to my rockin' the house cleanin' blues!!!! Yes I confess I clean on Mondays listening to all these hip songs... Along came Delilah and kicked his what? hhehehe hahahah I thought that was soul train my total dance program favorite & then my favorite song how'd you know da da da da da da da... In the summertime we always sang that around the house cleaning me & me Mum believe it or not.. :) omg I haven't heard that song in like forever "Never promised you a rose garden" that was mum's favorite song. hahahaha you're battin' a 1,000 today my BFF. On no, goin' up to the Spirit in the Sky the guys are tryin' to get that together for a song on one of their list! bwahahahaha too funny! Are we in sync or what! You amaze! YOU ARE THE SPIRIT IN MY HEART JUST ROCKIN' ALONG WITH ME! Uh-oh never heard Jeans on I haven't heard, but I'm shakin' this ol' booty with it anyway. ~snicker-snicker~ Come on boogie with me now! shaka shaka... Pop Muszik oh wow sure did shake that thang to that one a few times too! Yep I know that one for sure. hehehe And to end this party what a dynamite Whoa ooooo BLACK BETTY BAM A LAM... DAM THING GONE WILD! YOU SURE DID ROCK THE HOUSE TODAY MY FRIEND! WOWOWOWWOWOWOWOW YOU OUT DID YOURSELF FOR SURE LET'S SHAKE THAT THANG ME & YOU WHOAAAAA OOOO BLACK BETTY BAM A LAM!!! HIT IT!!! WHEW! WE DANCED UP A STORM DIDN'T WE! bwahahahaha You sure got my day off goin' great & I was feelin' kinda down. You got me goin' girl thanks. Startin' to feel much better you know & did I tell you the operation was a success! woo hoo! Just have to get the ol' bod back in shape now and if you do this every Monday I'll be there in no time! HUGS & MORE HUGS LUV THAT CUTIE FACE OF YOURS OFF!!! Now how did they use to say it pinky promise???? :) Have a rockin' week!

Stacey Merrill said...

Excellent! Always enjoy your picks

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@XmasDolly "along came Delilah and clipped his wing", my sweetie. Its a brilliant song!!

@STacey Thanx

@Rory Life without Jack White? Can't do it.

@Matthew Love that song too. Jam it on Guitar Hero too.

@steve That one stuck in my head all day too :-)

@Lee thanx for poppin in!

@Ninjalex I love OLD SCHOOL!!

The Glebe Blog said...

Judging by past posts you'd make a good Jack White groupie, but I just don't get it, maybe it's an age thing.

All your other 70's stuff, yeah!
'specially 'Jeans On'


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