Thursday, 9 December 2010

Day 19 - The 30 Day Blog Challenge

Topic - Another picture of yourself

This is a picture of me at our Year-End Fuction last week.  The theme was Shake, Rattle and Bowl.  We went bowling and had 50's style diner decor. 

Our Team went as The Soda Fountain Staff.  We were waiters and waitresses. It was so much fun to wear the costumes and I just loved being a blonde for the day.  I didn't do too bad at the bowling either....  I got just over 100, okay its not great but I haven't bowled since I was a teenager.

Jo and The Daft Scots Lass.
The Daft Scots Lass as a 50's diner waitress

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Matty said...

LOL. Good tips?


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