Sunday, 14 November 2010

December Road Trip and Namibia 2003

December is around the corner and our close group of 30-odd campers have been planning a 3-week camping Road Trip for 18 months. 

We've planned out the best route, organised cool places to stay, adventure activities to do and we leave in less than 40 days!

Unfortunately, my Boerewors and I are unable to enjoy all the activities of the trip because with him loosing his job earlier this year, we really can't afford it as we're catching up on the debt we racked up while we didn't have his salary. 

Oh yeah, I know its sad but that's life..

However, the camping group of wonderful ladies and gents invited us to the "40 Days to Go" party yesterday.  They said, seeing as we were heavily involved in the organising of it all, we could attend the party, even though we're not going on the Road Trip anymore :-(

It was a great party!!

They took us down memory lane of all the camps we've been on since 2003 making up a DVD collage of photo's we've taken along the years on our various camping adventures. 

Fiona and Steve hosted the party at their warehouse and went to a lot of trouble with the decor.  We all slept over in our tents in the warehouse and we enjoyed Ostrich Potjie made by Ria and Rassie.  After that, the music pumped and the dancing started.

The Ladies Toilet
Megan on the toilet
The Windhoek Car Wash
The Men's Toilet
Hog on a Leash
Washing Line and Shower
Steve had suspended a thick towing rope from the rafters of the warehouse and we used it as a big swing. 

What fun!

Megan on the swing
Norman on the swing

Justin showing us how its done.
Even Wee Kaylin felt brave enough to have a go on the swing
We also had to have a meeting to finalise all the trip details
Then the dancing started.  Here's the girls doing line dancing
Boogie on Down!

Our last Road Trip with all of us together was Namibia 2003, yeah we normally go away on short trips and weekends together, our long 3-week road trips are definintely not the norm. 

Namibia 2003

Anyway, our Namibia trip was awesome.  All of us often still speak of the trip very fondly. 

The trip consisted of every day staying in a different place;  tents put up and the next morning tents taken down and camp packed away.  It was a hectic and harsh trip but a memory I will never forget. 

It was hot as all fucking hell - 43 degrees C in the shade in some places and the dry heat took your breath away.  And all this with our wee Megan only 11 months old at the time. 

Oh yeah, there were times early on in the Road Trip, when I wanted to turn back because of the hectic schedule but we changed plans slightly to fit in our wee Megan and all worked out okay. 

Every place we stopped we'd empty out her toy box and fill it up with water so she could keep cool and have a wee swim. 

At other places we even filled up the sinks at the ablution blocks just so we could keep her body temp down. 

We soon got used to the heat and thoroughly enjoyed having massive beautiful sand dunes on one side of the road and an icy choppy ocean on the other side. 

Truly magnificent!

Everything is bigger in Namibia - espeically the bugs.  The spiders, roaches and mozzies are ten times took a bit of getting used to but in the end we all saw it as the adventure of a life time.

One thing I will NEVER forget is the gorgeous sunets.  You don't experience them anywhere else in the world.  They are so huge and so spectacular!

Namibian Sunset
Me and Megan at Fish River Canyon
Sunblock is one of the first things you put on when  you get up in the morning, especially with my fair Scottish skin.
Sunset on the Namibian Etosha Pan


Akelamalu said...

Oh what a shame you can't go this time but you have great memories of the road trip to Nambia.

It was nice of the guys to invite you to the party. :)

Anonymous said...

AWSOME EXCITING STUFF, SSOOOOOO Sad you guys are not going to be joining us anymore, there will certainly be an empty space, something missing the whole time. we will all definately miss you guys on the Trip my friendv:(

Copyboy said...

I envy you. Nambia sounds like neverland. Not sure what is like it here in the states.

Ashley Sisk said...

Thanks so much for stopping by - you can join the scavenger hunt any time.

Hannah said...

What an amazing experience.

Boobies said...

That sucks you aren't gonna be able to go again...but what awesome memories you've made!

Megan on the toilet made me laugh! Too funny!

cat said...

So sorry you guys can not go on the trip. The precious one looks fantastic. We are going on a camp again this December - can not wait.

Marcus said...

Sorry to hear you couldn't go, but the party looked like a lot of fun.

And, WOW, what an awesome trip you had in 2003, great and memorable time, would love to visit Namibia some day.


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