Friday, 12 November 2010

Freaky Friday, a 55 and Booty Bouncers

Join G-Man and hundreds of other bloggers playing Flash Fiction Friday 55. Try writing a complete story in only 55 words…

Count blessings instead of your crosses;
Count gains not your losses.
Count  joys instead of woes;
Count friends not your foes.
Count  smiles instead of tears;
Count courage not your  fears.
Count  full years instead of your lean;
Count  kind deeds not your mean.
Count  health instead of  wealth;
Count on God instead of yourself.

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And now that I've counted my blessing....
I'm going to vent with Fawk You Friday hosted by Boobies

  • Fuck you to the organisers of our Year End Function.  They treated us like fucking mushrooms by keeping us in the dark and feeding us shit.  They've now gone a put a spanner in the works and switched up the teams.  Now we've gotta start planning all over again.  We always have Plan B..
  • Fuck You to the national air lines who have hiked their prices way beyond my budget to more than double their normal prices for December.  Now I can't afford to go see my mummy for Christmas with my girls.  Fuck that for a sorry story...

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Is this bloke for real?
Mankinis leave NOTHING to the imagination

Is this Skank Ass Ho for real?
 I killed myself laughing at her "supposed" sexy booty bouncing
while the fucking cat just sits there, stretches and snoozes.

There is a whole following of these Booty Bouncers on You Tube. 

Have a kick ass Weekend, Freaks!


Brian Miller said...

thats a whole lotta counting in your 55....smiles. and shivering at some of those pics...

joanny said...

Interesting, weird, and some truth in those freaky Friday thoughts - nice 55er and the pictures well -- not my thing,,, you are a 'wild child' for sure ... like Brian it gave me the shivers.



Ryan said...

Thanks for the pictures, I just spewed everywhere!!! Good to have found a fellow Scots blogger.

lime said...

good reminder in your 55...i needed it this week!

magiceye said...

a kick ass post!!!

Christy said...

Where do you get these pics? Those are hilarious! And I'm afraid prices are going up on everything these days. It's getting ridiculous.

gautami tripathy said...


echoed sky

Myrna R. said...

Nice 55 - good thoughts. First time on your blog - very interesting.

Monkey Man said...

I just love the irony of a count your blessings 55 that is followed up with Fuck You Friday. You are a funny lass.

Boobies said...

LMAO @ the skank hoe!

I'm sorry you aren't gonna be able to go see your Mom. That's just not right. Maybe you'll win the lotto? Do yall do lotto in South Africa? lol

Me said...

Nice 55! I can use that sort of reminder from time to time. :)

Me said...

Nice 55! I can use that sort of reminder from time to time. :)


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