Tuesday, 16 November 2010


One of our local airlines in South Africa is Kulula Airlines and they have such a brilliant advertising and marketing campaign with a great  sense of local humour. 

Their new planes even have brilliant branding "Flying 101" giving passengers a chance to obtain basic flying and aircraft knowledge.  With these types of clued-up passengers, who needs a Pilot, right?

Very clever and educational...now everyone will know where the black box on an aircraft is.

Some of you "foreign" visitors might not "get" the silly South African humour as it is pretty much situationation stuff complete with "koogal accent". 

This is an REAL recording of a Flight Demo with them.  Excellent stuff!


This is a recording of their automated answering service when you call their
Customer Services line.


cat said...

I flew Kulula with the Princess and she absolutely loved it. They did face painting, a guessing competition etc.

Akelamalu said...

I have seen this before, in fact I blogged it, but I hadn't heard the actual recording - hilarious!

Matty said...

Hey, I've seen those planes before. The bright green and markings are brilliant advertising. Very different. And those ads are something. No wonder they attract the customers.

DCHY said...

If I am ever in an area where that airliner is in operation, I'll check it out. ;)

Mo said...

A south African Aussie accent with a sense of humour to match

nitebyrd said...

Much more relaxing than the unsmiling, nasty airline crews we have here!


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