Monday, 11 July 2011

Free Shit

I've been on a wee bit of a winning streak lately.

I got two free t-shirts from,  I won a great Snoody from Bobbylicious.  I'm wearing it today...

I've also won Smiling Feet gel shoe inserts, over at Skinny Bitches in the Making.  

Quick Question:

How the holy hell I get sponsors to give me free shit to review and giveaway to all the fabulouso readers on my wee blog?  I see loads of blogs get sponsored cool stuff to giveaway or review.   

Here are my possible sponsors?
  • iPhone
  • Lindt Chocolate
  • Milo Cereal 
  • Bobby Brown Mascara
  • Chapstick
 My list is endless.... C'me on, give a girl a chance?


BecauseIcan said...

LOL!! When you find out let me know.. My readers are in desperate need of love with all the verbal abuse I have been hurling at them lately ;-)

DCHY said...

Model the shirts for us?

Lesley said...

I would love to know the answer to this, also. I'm looking at a blog the other day who charges $110 a month for ad space and she has over 20 sponsors. Plus she has Covergirl sending her makeup to review.

Oilfield Trash said...

I have no idea.

Melanie said...

Let me know how that works out...I LOVE free stuff!

Nolens Volens said...

I could sponsor you, but I am NOT giving you my iPhone... ;)

Copyboy said...

Hey you're getting more free stuff than me. I'm jealous!

Brian Miller said...

have a good friend whose girlriend does blog promosall the time says UPS is at the door with free swag every day...crazy..

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@BecauseIcan @Lesley You guys will be the first to know!

@DCHY Been there, done that. I guess you missed the post.

@Nolens awww c'mon!

@Brian Ask her how Bwian!

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

I know there are fancier items on that list but if you have a Milo competition I'll be all over it!

Voluptacon said...

I don't know what they have over your way Kitten, but here in Australia there is a place called Nuffnang who do blog-advertisingy-sponsery stuff:
Maybe have a look around Dr Google and see if there is similar near you.
Good luck


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