Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday Follower and Shoegasm

I am dead chuffed to introduce my new weekly feature - Friday Follower.  I have had such a fabulous response to bloggers wanting to be a part of it.  I'm blown away!  So here how it works.

I will be featuring one of my BRILLIANT followers every Friday because firstly, I want to tell you how magic you all are and secondly, give their awesome arses a wee shout out for visiting and leaving dazzling comments.

This week's Friday Featured Follower is my lass,  Xmas Dolly.  

We visit with each other every Monday for Music Moves Me and through our love for music, we've become good pals!  Here's what Dolly had to say...

Tell us something funny about you?  

Hmmmm Funny huh? Okay, here it goes. I was once a Go-Go dancer. Is that funny enough? I was single and had a baby I had to support and I got laid off from my job. I was a mess and worried up a storm. 

After I cleaned out my desk I stopped at a neighborhood bar and as it was afternoon, there wasn't too many people in there and me and the female bartender/owner started to talk. 

One thing lead to another and she asked if I could dance. The rest is history. 

I never went topless got paid 30 bucks a night plus tips. 

Thought I was kiddin' huh? I was 23.

How did you first get involved in with blogging? 

My daughter is a blogger (NightOwlMama) I'm disabled and a retired legal assistant. I work from home now. She said I would love it and it would give me something to do when I wasn't busy.

Who is your favourite blogger and why? 

I'll have to say NightOwlMama. She is my daughter, and I'm very proud of her. She really made her blog work for her and she has soooooo many followers and friends.

Have you met any of your readers in real life? 

Yes, I have. As I said, NightOwlMama, but we're related. ~snicker~ 

I've met GlitterBabe. She lives near me and we had lunch one day

Do you have a favorite post? 

I think my favorite was when I told all my friends/readers how I met my hubby. 

"My future was a wrong number". 

Why do I love it? Because I still don't believe my happiness could've happened from a wrong number. Granted he could've been some creep, but sometimes in life you have to take chances and I just had a gut feeling.

How did you get involved in Blog Giveaways? 

My daughter hooked me up with a couple of easy ones to learn how. My first one was Uprinting.

You are a transcriptionist. What exactly is that?  

Transcribing is when my boss sends me interviews of people in a MP3 file, and I type them up through a dictaphone. Regulars you get two days to type it up, but a rush is 24 hrs. I've typed up scientists interviews, Hugh Heffner, Sam Lay (famous jazz drummer) and of big corporate companies. I've also typed up nurses and doctors from University of Chicago and so many others.

You crochet.  What is the weirdest thing you have every crocheted? 

Weird? Nah, nothing weird unless you call doll's clothes weird.

How has your diagnosis changed your life? 

If you mean my Spinal Stenosis it would be a long story. I use to be  a very active dancer and in my husband's band too. I played keyboards and was back up singer. My husband is also a roller coaster enthusiast. We've been to so many amusement parks and coaster and four times to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. I guess I miss that the most. 

I had back surgery in 2006 and since then I've also put on weight because of not being able to get around. I've also developed Chronic Venous Insufficiency which is poor blood circulation, but the doctor says she can't help me until I lose weight. Caught between a rock and a hard place now. Right now I'm taking shots to relieve the pain. It works for a month. I can get them 3x a year because of insurance rules. I'm also going to go to a doctor to see if I'm a candidate for screws removal. I have four and a plate. So wish me luck!

If your life was a movie...

Probably the Seven Faces of Eve because I've played so many different roles in my life time. Who would play me? hmmmm Renée Zellweger.

Now go give this awesome gal some love.

Now time for a little shoe shopping....  Rising has some adorable shoes (and accessories).  Go pick up a couple of pairs of cuties, grab my button and linky-link up.  Don't forget to leave a comment to say that you've done so, and I can come visit and drool over your selection of Shoegasms.

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Autumnforest said...

What a fantastic idea. I like her--she's soooo interesting and fun! It says a lot about you by the people you attract. The shoes are TO DIE FOR!!!

Lesley said...

Fantastic guest post. She is a frickin hoot!

jacksofbuxton said...

I agree with Autumnforest,great read.Xmas Dolly certainly has some spirit,and a great life story.

Cyn said...

OMGosh love her -- what an incredible gal with so much spirit! But then again I have a soft spot for any single mama who works her ass off to support her family! (Been there, done that)

And what a hottie go-go dancer!!!

Mynx said...

Guest posts are always a great idea and this is a wonderful one to start with. Oh and I love those shoes very muchly

Brian Miller said...

nice...thanks for the fun intro...a gogo dancer...interesting...

Diego Sousa said...

it's really interesting how ou started blogging. great post!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Cool follower you have there. I'm going to go check out her and her daughter.

Those shoes are so cute and so inexpensive.

Boobies said...

Xmas Dolly is a dear friend of mine...and I had NO idea she used to be a Go Go Dancer...(Get it girl!)

Great feature!

And damn you for shoegasming me into wanting to buy more shoes. Fab selections!

Xmas Dolly said...

See I told you I was BORING! LOL Thanks for the shout out though! You're definitely a peach. One more thing though I was a single Mom until my baby got married and/or moved out it was about 10 yrs. after my divorce. Once she moved out my soulmate & I were married too! I worked four jobs at one time to support my four kids because I could find one full time job. All four were part-time. Hey girlfriend check your e-mail. Love ya all & thanks for visiting my Bud here! She's duh best!~ I wish I could wear those shoes. With my luck I'd break my freakin' neck! LOL

Stephanie D said...

Great post and great idea! And those shoes! I'm drooling at my desk right this minute!

roseribbonblog said...

Hello! Just found you through the Crazy Chicks Club! So happy I did! Love the post...the Go-Go picture and her story is priceless.

As for the shoes...I'm in LOVE! The first pair...oh, wow! I'm off to that site to buy them NOW! I can't believe how cheap they all are.

Thanks so much for the tip! Can't wait to read more. I'm definitely subscribing! :)

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

W.C.Camp said...

Awesome shoes and CHEAP TOO!!! Xmas Dolly - with the crochet now I can guess where her blog name comes from!! Cool insights! W.C.C.

Melanie said...

One, love the idea, Two, love the story of today's featured follower, and three LOVE the snakeskin fur ball pumps!! I saw some super cute zombie pumps today at the mall that I am considering going back to get!!

cat said...

Great idea - this feature. And off to say hallo.

Destiny said...

Would love it! ;)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@XmasDolly Boring? I think not.

@ Everyone Else Thanx for stopping by with comments for the new Feature!


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