Friday, 15 July 2011

Fridays Shoegasm, a few Fawk Yous and a 55

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Fur Stiletto Boots $59.99 from Dollhouse
Fabian Sequin Platform Pumps $49.00
$70.00 Kingston Platform Patch Pump
Pedalz Satin Ruffled Platform Sandal $52.00

Bonsai Wedge Flower Sandal $49.00
Valdemia Wedge Strappy Sandals

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  • Fuck you to Nandos for the first crappy flame-grilled chicken burger that I've EVER had from you guys.  I've been a dedicated fan of Nandos for 18 years and this is the first time that I have had food from you guys that was rubbish.  I was shocked and disappointed beyond belief - but I still LOVE you!  Nandos fucking rocks my knickers off!
  • Fuck you my office that is so damn cold.  My nipples are sore from the constant pointing.
  • Fuck you to the shortage of petrol.  I had to drive around to four different petrol stations at lunch time on Thursday to fill up my car.
  • Fuck you to Caburys. This week I bought the girls a strip of Caramello Bears and not one of the bears had the "Tum full of Toffee" (as advertised) they were all made of solid Cadburys milk chocolate.  Hey who's complaining? But I did miss the yummy Toffee Tummy centre.  Sssssh, I know I'm not meant to be eating chocolate. 


Flash Fiction Friday 55 is hosted by G-Man and I haven't taken part in a while but I decided to give it another go this week. 

Is there any answer?
Knocking at the old red door
It sounds empty
Vacant and hollow
Is anyone there?
Staring through the mucky window
To be met by a blank void
Where is everyone?
Isn’t it pointless pounding against a locked door
with no one behind it to open up
and Let me in?

Have a BRILLIANT weekend, Plonkers.  Don't forget to enter my competition - Caption my Freaky Photo #13.


Melanie said...

I have a big HUGE fuck you to the asshole who rear ended me yesterday. Thank you for making my shitty year even worse - I really didn't think it was possible. And another big fuck you to the stupid insurance laws that have fucked me over for simply minding my own business. I would tell the universe to fuck off, but I fear further retribution and really can not take any more.

Brian Miller said...

ha yes it is...

nandos...we dont have these...sounds like i should wish we toffee, stinks, prob a glitch with the machine...

G-Man said...

Jillie Bean!!!!
Awww...No one is letting you in?
Fuck em!
Loved your 55 My Friend
Loved your shoes (Really? hahahaha)
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End
and....Fuck You!

Monkey Man said...

Love that metaphoric 55. Here in 'Merica, we complain about gas price not availability. Guess we should count our blessings.

Oilfield Trash said...

Sorry about your cold nipples. LOL

Reasonably Less said...

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Reasonably Le$$

DCHY said...

Now you know why it is rude to..."point". ;)

Dazee Dreamer said...

Love those valdemia wedges. so cute.

I'm so sorry you had pneumonia. all 3 of my grandkids had that during the winter here. It sucks the big one.

Jesse said...

Hi sweetie,

I have always been a fan of open toes in women's shoes, especially when they are painted a classy and shiny lacquer tone.

Will you ever leave me a comment my friend?



Mad Mind said...

Those fur stilettos rock!

And don't you just love it when the advertising is all wrong.

Sandra said...

I am a sucker for boots so I'd be willing to take those first ones off your hands if you're thinking of giving them as a gift :)
You're Fawk You Friday list was fun, as always...what is it about a good Fawk You list that always cheers me up!

Miss C said...

I love the zebra print shoes!

Jingle said...

it would be another story once you are in.

nice hook, well done 55.

cat said...

Caramello bears without Caramel? I would be peeved. I am sure if you reported it to Cadburys you would have a free box by now.


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