Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Are You Bikini Ready?

Here in South Africa summer is in full swing. I couldn't be fekkin happier.  I adore summer.

I'm talking crystal clear blue swimming pools, sunshine, holidays and trips to the beach.  That means new beach trends;  oversized sunnies and massive straw hats, flower brights, retro black and white stripes, denim short-shorts, turquoise is huge this season and there are quite a few whacky ones out there. 

Introducing the Cock Sock.  Yip the name says it all.  Its a sock for your cock!

Then we we have Facekini, which is huge in Asia at the mo


I agree with total coverage from the sun's nasty UV rays, but this is taking it a little too far
What do you think of the Facekini?

Be sure to get a decent wax-job before you sport one of these teeny weeny mankinis

Homemade on a shoe-string budget....The CDkini...

Not sure if this is even a trend....Moobs?
The original Borat Mankini

So, Lovely Plonkers, are you Bikini Ready??


Just remember to get one that fits all the bits.


Little Miss Medic said...

OMFG the cock sock! Ha ha

YeamieWaffles said...

You guys are very lucky haha! We're slap bang in the middle of beanies and layers season!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I really hope I don't see any of those at the beach next year...

Sausage said...

Cheesus Christmas....
I do hope they make them in tartan!

Andrew Leon said...

I'll think I'll stick to staying away from the beach.

The Glebe Blog said...

Look out Girvan, here I come.
Ne'er mind, the polis will have him lifted soon.
Having said that I know a man from Girvan who might just try out some of these !


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