Thursday, 11 March 2010

Givin Me The Finger...not

Megan, my oldest girl-child, is was seven years old in January and growing like a magic beanstalk!

Wasn't it only just yesterday that she spent two weeks in NICU being tube fed, shitting in the bath and crashing her walking ring into our security gate?

I've known a lot of mums that wish their childs life away saying things like;  "I wish she was walking" or "I wish she was talking" or even "Things will be better when she starts talking and can communicate with me".  Before you know it they are talking their first wobbly steps, babbling until your ears bleed and giving you attitude.

One thing I've never done with my girls is wish that they'd reach a certain stage before they are ready.  Time flies and each stage is precious. I have enjoyed every stage with my girls and, just when you think you've got a favourite stage, they progress to another level.  Then that predictable lip-stretch emerges.  The smile that would go right around your head (if you didn't have ears) and you look like the Cheshire Cat, beaming like a complete idiot.  Its hard to explain your pride as a mum, you feel its going to burst out your chest and tears trickle down your cheeks - happy tears. 

Its an emotional bitter-sweet moment and I look forward to everyone.

The other day a bored Megan was lying on my bed watching Waynes World on TV and I was getting dressed and she said to me.

"Mum, *big sigh* Is this supposed to be "funny"?

Now generally when someone used their fingers to make quotation marks in the air I think of Billy Connolly and I want to grab their fingers and bend them back causing the Air-Quoter to twist in pain.  It irritates the shite outta me...

...but when my daughter did it, I got that heart-bursting-out-my-chest feeling.  It made me realised that not only, does she understands how to use quotation marks in the right context, but she has inherited our over-use of sarcasm.

Megan is leaping into young lady stage rather rapidly and I'm happy and I'm sad.  Its a difficult thing to watch your little girl communicate in adult terms.  Its also wonderful to know she's doing it so well.

Sarcasm rules in our house!


cat said...

Oh wow, what a great grasp of sarcasm! They do grow up way too fast.

Brenda said...

They grow up so fast, don't they? It's scary sometimes.=)

Ninnles said...

Hehe... I thought you were going to tell us something completely different with that headline. Enjoy the moments!

Brian Miller said...


Christiejolu said...

OH! I know how you feel. Some one asked me once when my oldest girl who is now 7 was running around the grocery store like a crazy person at 2 if I could wait till she was a teenager I said "Gosh no" they looked at me like "Why?" She was a hand full yes but I cherished her terrible twos. She is a great and calm kid now!

LOL! My youngest inherited my sarcastic personality!

G-Man said...

A life without sarcasm is boring indeed. Thanks for visiting.
Maybe you'll try a Friday Flash 55 tomorrow?

KK said...

She sounds "awesome"!

Azzazin said...

That's among the sweetest things I've heard this year!
Not only does she understand sarcasm and the concept of quotation marks and air quotes, she also has a great sense of humour.

Most girls that age would find that somewhat funny and the fact that she doesn't is proof she demands something more from 'comedy', I'd have beamed like the Cheshire cat too!

Matty said...

Sounds like she is growing up fast. And smart too.


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