Sunday, 28 March 2010

Primary School Reunion Brunch

I had a Primary School reunion brunch today in Pretoria and it was awesome to see primary school friends that I haven't seen in 30 years!

We chatted from 11am until 4pm.  I didn't realised the time at all...the best of all was that my best friend from Standard 4 (Grade 6) was there and she'd brought a file of letters and silly things we shared back then as the Crazy Three Club.

Tania gave me a letter that she'd written me nearly 30 years ago when I moved from Pretoria to Johannesburg.  Its a letter that I had not seen and a letter that she'd not sent.  I was very emotional reading it, know she'd kept it all these years and to know that I meant that much to her...

Sooo many warm memories came rushing back when I looked into the eyes of my best friend from 30 years ago.  I remember stealing her mum's ciggies and trying to smoke them as youngsters.  I remember her mum who used to send us to bed with a candle each - teaching us how to use the hot candle wax to make a little pool of wax to stand the candle up.  To hug her again was wonderful!  That kinship was bubbling way down deep.

It was an awesome catch-up day and unfortunately I left my camera's memory card in my laptop even though I'd charged the camera batteries and made sure they were in the camera.  So, I'm relying on everyone else who had a camera there to send me the photos.

All in all a brilliant day!!!

Hanging on for dear life!

Looking at Tania's old photo albums!!!

 Kaylin next to one of the HUGE bottles of wine at the restaurant

Tania's 30 year old letter
Some of the Crazy Three Memorabilia


Marcelle said...

Sounds like a lovely get together with lots of memories...sorry you forgot your memory card!!!

I have had two school reunions and both were junior school.

I need to ask you a few questions about area's in PTA and Jo'Burg - what are the nicer one's?
We are thinking of moving back in about 2/3 years ( of things stay the same in the country and not get worse ) I have never lived in that side of the world, only CT, so my heart is there, but work is not for hubby...
What are your feelings?? Do you feel safe??

Blasé said...

"bubbling way down deep"??

After 30 years I'm surprised that anyone is still living.

I'm glad you had a "brilliant day". Looking forward to the pics....hopefully.

Mo said...

What fun. Hope you get lots of pics from the others

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Nothing can compare to a 30 year friendship. I don't know what a candle strap up is though. Care to enlighten me?


W.V.= preshrop

I thought it was cute.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

s/b candle stand up? WT? I don't understand sending kids to bed with a candle either.

Christiejolu said...

That sounds awesome! Glad you had fun!

KK said...

How fun!

cat said...

Wow, for me that goes way way back.

G-Man said...

What a GRAND Day!
I Love reunions, but I'm a nostalgia junkie anyway...G

Gillian said...

Marcelle - why don't you email me and we can chat about the different areas.

Gillian said...

Green Eyed Momster....we used it as light instead of a bedside lamp? what the hell did you think we used it for?



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