Monday, 22 March 2010

Great Book Giveaway

This week I'm giving away some awesome books! 

Amongst them is Marian Keyes, Ann Gadd and Caroline Leaf.

The reason I am doing this, is that I have many books I have been lucky enough to be gifted with and, I have either got two copies of, or I have never read them.  Shamefull, I know.

I've decided to give my blogger readers a chance to win them.

All you have to do is :

1.  Become a Follower
2.  Leave a cooky comment
3.  For giveaway entry, you can make a post on your own blog with a link to my blog post giveaway.

And....if you've read one of these fantastic books, let me know what you thought about it. 

Simple as that....

Books are Rockin'!


Brian Miller said...

nice. i may be a book boxes and boxes.

G-Man said...

Thank you for being such a loyal follower in my absence.
Congrats on Hubby finding a job as well...G

TechnoBabe said...

Books are always welcome. It is nice to meet like book lovers.

otin said...

I don't need any books, I just thought that I would stop bye and say hello!

Christiejolu said...

OMG I love that that your little girl! Love it!

I am a book horder as well. I can't throw them away! People ask me why if I read them. I just can't give them away or sell them. And I don't like loaning them out. I know...weird!

Gillian said...

Yes, thats my Kaylin

I can't believe only 5 people have responded!

I guess we all read via Blogger these days.


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