Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Local Hero

We have a local forum called WOMF Word of Mouth Forum where I often chat to others from the local community in and around Alberton and the Southern Suburbs. 

I recently nominated Zeph Mavuso - a worker at The Meyersdal Postnet office - as My Local Hero.  Guess who won?  I couldn't be happier to see his name and picture in print.  Finally get got some recognition that he so deserves.

Zeph is always friendly with my girls, never fails to wear his beaming smile and has a great postive attitude.  Isn't it great to commend someone for such great customer service?

Well done Zeph!  I'll be visiting him tomorrow to collect my mail and present him with a copy of his published article.


Christine Macdonald said...

I love it when great things happen to great people.

Shrinky said...

He sure sounds wonderful , and it's so great to see he is appreceiated for what he does - my local supermarket delivery guy is like that, always smiling, and nothing is a bother to him. He carries my groceries straight in to the kitchen for me and flatly refuses to take any tip!

(Nice to meet a fellow Scot's lass, even tho' we both left there at a tender age!)

Jill said...

That makes me smile. I just love my mailman!

Kathryn said...

Oh, YAY! What a wonderful thing you've done, sweetie! I'm so glad they picked your guy!

You must be so proud...I'm sure he's just tickled!

Bernie said...

Good for you.....congratulations Zeph........:-) Hugs

cat said...

Good on you both!

angel said...

What a fabulous concept!!


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