Sunday, 28 March 2010

GrandParents Day

Grandparents Day this year had an Easter Theme and all the grannies and grandpas wore their easter bonnets proudly while watching their grand children put on a mini concert outside in the court yard of the school.

Kaylin, as always, didn't perform at all.  It was all tears the minutes she spotted us among the crowds.  I didn't mind because I enjoyed watching the other classes put on their show.  Each class did a song and a poem either about Grand parents and / or easter.  It was very special.

What made it even more special was that Kaylin's Ouma and Oupa Grootjie (Great Grannie and Grandpa) were visiting from Pietermartizburg and got to come and watch the show.  Oupa Grootjie Johan got a prize for being the Oldest Grandpa in attendance.  The oldest Granny there was 96!  There were prizes for youngest Granny (42) and the youngest Grandpa (41). 

They even had an Easter Bonnet Parade and prizes for the best Easter Bonnet.  Loads of drinks and snacks were served afterwards and the grand parents got to see the children's classes and receive a little hand-made craft gift that all the little ones had made.  This year it was a little potted herb in a gorgeous little hand-made Easter crate.  Very special indeed.

Here are some of the memories.

Kaylin's Class

Kaylin in action

The Principal singing the school song


f8hasit said...

I LOVE the hats! That just made my day! Thanks for sharing the photos. Just love it!

blueviolet said...

What a fabulous event! SO cool!

KK said...

That is awesome! I've never seen anything like this before.

Marcelle said...

As a grandmother this entry makes me so excited...lovely that the oupa and ouma where able to be there to share that special day.
I was able to be at a Grandparents day for my granddaughter earlier this year, was so so special.
Stunning photo's to show the event.

otin said...

That was very colorful! 96 years old is quite a feat!

Gillian said...

It was incredibly special

cat said...

What - I am old enough to be a granny?


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