Saturday, 3 July 2010

Conrad's Farewell

Our Distribution Manager, Conrad, left our company this week and we had a Farewell Lunch for him at a Portuguese Restaurant. 

The food was brilliant (squid heads, muslces, calamari, peri-peri chicken, pora steaks) but the labeless table wine was EVIL.  Hell yes we drank it - at the time it was a good idea. left me with the worst hangover in creation.  This is definitely last time I drink wine in a bottle with NO LABEL!!! 

Fucking evil, I tell ye...but we had a great time nevertheless.

Conrad and his girls

Gwen (one of our artists) being silly

The Full Group

Conrad puring the No-Name-Brand-Wine in question

Con, Yvette and Charms

Ronellda and Sharon

Esther taking full advantage of me

Con and his girls again



Mr. Stupid said...

Looks like you guys had a good time. Nice pictures...:)

Brian Miller said...

looks like you are having fun...hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Blasé said...

I can't read the title of the posts?? Too blurry and bright.

Mrsblogalot said...

Wine with no label...pill bottles with no label...never know what you're gonna get right?

You had just as much chance as not getting a hangover. Life is always a gamble (-:

Artsy Mom said...

I hear you. When we were in college, we snuck down to the cafeteria after they had a big school board party and a friend and I stole a bunch of beers. Of course, we didn't look to see what brand they were and when we got back up to the room they were some generic fucking beers. We drank them anyway, what the hell, but they tasted like piss in a bottle.

Oh well, alcohol is alcohol.

Visitng you from Fucked Up Friday Follow :D

Ami said...

Looks like you're very good friends with at least one of your co workers.


I don't drink alcohol... but gosh, maybe I should once in awhile!


Ed Pilolla said...

wine without a label, yeah. my family makes wine every year, or nearly every year. we make it in an old wooden wine press brought over by my grandfather from italy. we use wine bottles emptied and sanitized. most don't have labels. most have the original wine labels, like carlo rossi. depending on where they are kept in my cousin's cellar, we know which year it was made. some stashes are amazing, others okay, some way too strong. it's fun to do something new to the batch every year and see how it turns out.

when i give the wine as a gift, i give two bottles. once in a while, there's a bad bottle of wine, sediment-like. therefore the extra bottle.

Christiejolu said...

Looks like a good time...We have no label booze in the US too...We call it moonshine...Dangerous stuff...LOL!

laughingwolf said...

fun times... except the hangover :P lol

wv: ootting [scots, no? ;)]


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