Sunday, 18 July 2010

Alberton Lions 6-0 win against Benoni Northerns

Megan, my wee Football Star and her team, Alberton Lions got their new kit this week and were proudly wearing it at the game on Saturday.  The team were on top form and slaughtered the poor wee Benoni Northerns team 6 - 0.  They were over the moon!

Megan, my Soccer Star

Alberton Under 7 Lions in their new kit

Warm Ups


Another goal coming up!


Another Goal Celebration Hug


Sir Israel takes a practise shot


Free kick wall

Warm ups

Congratulation Line


Hayley said...

Booooo!!! Sorry being a Benoni girl, gonna have to shout for Benoni Northerns :-)

Well done though!

cat said...

Oh they are doing so well!

cat said...

Oh they are doing so well!

Rick said...

Go lions!

Anonymous said...

found you site over misterwong... but one question do you have twitter or facebook, where i can be connected with you blog...? thanks


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