Saturday, 17 July 2010

Cop Out!

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan are hysterical in this film which My Boerewors and I watched the other night.  One of the funniest lines in a movie I've heard in a long time, which I'm still chucklin about :

Tracy is talking to some hard-arse gansta in prison and he gets him to confess :  "I can knit the fuck out of a nice big sweater!".

Do yourself a favour and go see it.  Its full of witty one-liners and giggles.  A feel good stoopid film...Rock out with your Glock out!



Brian Miller said...

nice. will check it out..on th other hand...watched bounty hunter last night and fell asleep...

Anonymous said...

it was sean william scott not tracy morgan that got the inmate to confess that he knits


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