Monday, 5 July 2010

Conversations with Megan

Megan :  Mum, can you pull my tooth out so that I can get some money from the Tooth Fairy?

Me:  Megan, you can't just pull a tooth out because you want money! 

Megan:  But its a little loose.

Me:  Yes, but its got to come out on its own. 

Megan:  But its a baby tooth.  I can grow another one.

Me :  Geezo Megan!  What if I punched you in the mouth and your two BIG front teeth fell out?  Those are your adult teeth and you can't grow more after that.

My Boerewors :  If I knocked my teeth out, will the Tooth Fairy give me money for my big teeth?

Megan:  *shrug* I dunno. 


Megan :  Mum, why don't you phone Granny and ask her - she's loosing her teeth!

Fits of laughter followed that conversation...


cat said...

Snort! Coffee over everything!

Matty said...

Gotta love how kids think.

Brian Miller said...

haha. i have one champing at the bit to lose a tooth as well...its been loose for over a week now...

otin said...

LOL! If you got good money for teeth then I would be rich!!

Mo said...

She'll go far.

Ami said...

The way a kid's mind works is always so interesting to me.

Did you call granny?

Had the WORST time trying to leave you a comment!! This is my 4th attempt but at least this time Blogger decided to allow me to see the damn comment form!!

I loved the whole tooth fairy thing. Used to leave little teeny notes for my kids complimenting them on how nice their teeth were and telling them to keep doing a good job brushing.

KK said...

That's awesome!


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