Saturday, 19 February 2011

Kat Von D, LA Ink and a lipgloss

Recently I was runner up in a Tattoo Competition over at Bad Girl Bloggers and I won a Kat Von D lipgloss which has arrived on my grubby little mits and I love it.
I love watching Kat's TV show, LA Ink and I was dead chuffed that I got one of her fabulous lip glosses.
The picture that was entered in the competition
The awesome Kat Von D lipgloss

Now, go check out my Bloggers Ink Challenge.  It was all about my Plonkers showing off their beautiful ink.  

You blokes got to vote, remember?


jacksofbuxton said...

Mrs Jack used to enjoy watching Miami Ink and LA Ink.She gave up on the London one.

Personally I've never fancied a tattoo.I'm not sure I like the idea of having someone doodle on me.

G said...

I've not got the patience for the tattoo I want. But I love the art work that people have done

Kage said...

yay tattoos!

Not So Simply Single said...

Love the lipgloss...

All I can say is that tatoos freak me out...the needle thing makes me quiver, I am such a woose. I think Ms Tatoo girl is so beautiful. But to think of the pain, ugh...I shudder at the thought!


Not So Simply Single said...


Steve Bossenberger said...

KAT Von D. is Hot! Isn't she with that Jesse James guy that dumped Sandra Bullock? She deserves a classier guy like myself. Come on Kat!!!

Joker_SATX said...

Did you know Kat Von D was hispanic? A proud moment for this chico!

By the way, I love your lips!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Lisa Its not that bad.

@Steve You think you have a chance with that hottie.

@Joker I did not know that. Are you shittin' me?

Anonymous said...

I happen to be extremely happy I ran across this one site! You're extremely straight!!
I dream some people would feel like you! Carry on the excellent blogposts I am reading you now ; )

Anonymous said...

I am totally grateful I stumbled onto your blog! You are so right!!
I only wish some other people may well just think like you! Continue the excellent blog posts I will be reading your site now hehe


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